Do You Want To Get Married In The Lake District?

These days, rustic and natural-themed weddings are very popular. From many wedding blogs to posts on Pinterest, many couples opt for the romantic feel of the country-inspired and very nature-influenced look. The Lake District, with its magnificent landscape and its rustic structures, seems like a really romantic place and the perfect setting for such an occasion.

Located in the fells and dalesof the North West of England in the United Kingdom, the Lake District is perfect for a unique destination wedding. It boasts of vast lands and gorgeous lakes, and the olden-inspired structures are picture-perfect.

What’s in a Name?

If the picturesque views of the Lake District doesn’t convince you that it’s a romantic place, then the names of some of its places just might.

Lily Tarn above Ambleside and Hartsop near Bortherswater may seem cute, but Dovenast Crag in Borrowdale and Darling Fell near Loweswater surely take the prize.

Do You Want To Get Married In The Lake District?

The Proposal

Well, before you get married, shouldn’t you get engaged first? The Lake District also has places that are perfect for a memorable proposal.

Over the Windermere Jetty is perfect with the view of the scenic Windermere Lake. The Blea Tarn in Langdale Valley is also a good bet with its waters perfectly reflecting the beautiful view above.

The High Sweden Bridge at Ambleside is also a magical setting — equally perfect for a magical moment. Made with stones and hanging above clear waters, it will set a unique and romantic mood for your proposal. Ashness Bridge overlooking Derwentwater is another lovely alternative.

If the misty atmosphere of falls is your thing, then head over to the Colwith Falls in Elterwater. You can also have the choice of asking his or her hand in marriage in a rowing boat or canoe in Grasmere. The isolation from being in the middle of the lake makes for a very intimate, magical moment. Or, you can take inspiration from former US President Bill Clinton and propose along the shores of Ennerdale Water and, just like Mr. Clinton, you can have the enjoyment of her sweet “yes” with the grand view from one of the smallest lakes in the area.

Say “I Do” to a Lake District Wedding

There are the choices of getting married in the not-so-usual hotels or village halls, but you can also opt to be one with nature when you two finally say your vows.

The hotels and halls in the Lake District offer you the comfort of indoor ceremonies, but are not your typical, everyday hotel. They look more like castles and olden-time manors, adding a magical and dreamy vibe to your fairy-tale moment.

If indoor weddings are not your thing, then do it outside in the scenic landscapes of the Lake District. Why not take advantage of the picturesque lakes? There are a lot of options in the Lake District and more chances for you to find the lake that fits your dream wedding the most.

Surely, there is something to suit your wedding in the Land of Beautiful Lakes. In the gorgeous expanse of land brimming with beautiful waters and dotted with picturesque buildings (you can even put your guests up in their very own Lake District cottages!) it is impossible not to feel the love and the magic of the Lakelands.