Does Your Family Want A Dog? 6 Signs You Are Prepared

Advance preparation makes the introduction of a dog into your home less stressful for you, your family and the dog. Don’t let unpreparedness overshadow the joy of bringing a canine companion into your life and home. If you make the following six preparations, you can consider yourself ready to bring home the puppy or dog that captures your heart.

1. How much Time do you have?

Before you add a dog to your family, assess how much time you and the other people living in your home have to devote to the dog. Puppies need to be fed and taken outside frequently. Adult dogs are less demanding of time, but should not be left alone for long.

2. Supplies

Before you bring your dog home, you should go shopping for the supplies you will need. This includes items such as food and water bowls, food, a crate, collar, dog bed, leash, toys and a variety of other items.

Does Your Family Want A Dog? 6 Signs You Are Prepared

3. Fencing

Before you bring your puppy home, it’s best to already have your yard fenced in with secured gates. This makes it easier for it to learn the potty routine from the first day you bring it home. A fenced in yard provides a safe place for your dog to get a sufficient amount of exercise each day.

4. Puppy Proof your Home

Before you bring a puppy home, take the necessary steps to assure its safety. Be sure that electrical cords are taped down or hidden. Poisonous substances and medicine should be locked away. You also need to remove any indoor plants that are toxic to dogs.

5. Create a Set of Rules

Mixed messages are confusing for a dog. Decide, as a family, what the rules are regarding where the pet can go within the house and whether they are allowed on furniture. If everyone uses the same verbal commands when training the dog, it will learn appropriate behavior more quickly.

6. What Type of Dog

Do your homework before getting a dog. Read about the various breeds and characteristics to find a good match for your family. Shelters and rescues have wonderful dogs waiting for a forever home. Spend some time with the dog before you decide to buy or adopt it.

The experience of getting a family dog will go more smoothly if you are well prepared for its arrival. The transition period is the hardest time, but once your dog understands the love and routine waiting for it, you will be so excited to have your new friend in your home.