Dream Bathrooms – Features To Add To Bathe In Style

If you’re thinking about remodelling your bathroom, you have the perfect opportunity to turn it into the bathing experience you’ve always dreamed of. While some people think that the only way they will ever get their dream bathroom is to get some kind of fantastic windfall and have all the money in the world to spend, it’s entirely possible to get something your heart has always desired within a reasonable budget.

Picking the right features can make all the difference when designing the dreamiest of bathrooms. Choose a few of these features to make yours the bathroom to make all your wishes come true.

Underfloor Heating

Not something you can see in your bathroom, but certainly something that makes a difference you can feel, underfloor heating makes a huge difference to the feel of your bathroom. Stepping out of the bath or shower onto a deliciously warm floor can make bathing a truly decadent experience.

With efficient underfloor heating, it could also be possible to dispense with above-floor heating altogether. With an adjustable setting to get the room to just the right temperature, you may be able to do away with your radiator and put something else in its place. If not, there are plenty of fantastic radiators that can add to the elegance of the room rather than detracting from the overall décor.

A Beautiful Bathtub

If you want to bathe in style, the best way to do so is in a stylish bathtub. The days of the budget moulded plastic bath are well and truly behind us and today you will find an affordable range of beautiful baths to bring real elegance to your room.

Dream Bathrooms - Features To Add To Bathe In Style

Ample circulating space and a holder for your book

Choosing a free-standing bath can work very well with a look that draws on historical influences and a roll-top tub is the last word in vintage elegance. For a more modern look, straight-edged baths can be built into the room for a minimalist appearance and excellent use of confined space.

Making the Most of your Available Area

Speaking of confined space, there are very few of us with the luxury of an enormous bathroom in their home that affords huge amounts of floor area to play with. As the trend towards en suite bathrooms has taken over in newer homes, the idea of a feature bathroom has become less prominent and the space we have to use has become smaller and smaller. Checkout the range from Nicholas Anthony to view some bathroom ideas.

That doesn’t meant that you can’t make a statement in the space you have. There are plenty of fixtures and fittings that will make a real splash in your bathroom with very little area. A chunky shower base that can double up as a bath and fits neatly against the wall can, topped with mosaic tiles, make for a real spa vibe in your smaller bathroom.

Mood Lighting

Most bathrooms have only two settings for the lighting – off and on. While this is perfectly functional, to create a divine bathing experience it makes all the difference to have lights you can dim to create a sensual ambiance as you indulge.

The choice of location of the lighting in your bathroom can also make a big difference. Picking out key areas such as the shower and sink with brighter illumination while saving the softer light for the area around the bath can set the tone for different moods in different parts of the bathroom.


There is no need to break the bank or have all the space in the world to create the bathroom that you’ve always dreamed of. Carefully choosing the features you want to focus on and building your concept around those can bring to you a perfect bathing experience with what you already have.