Easy Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Bedroom On A Budget

What do you do when your bedroom decor is outdated or boring and the budget is tight? You can turn your dilemma into an opportunity to discover or release your creativity. The following ideas can be used as a springboard for revitalizing your bedroom decor without breaking the budget.

Paint: A Budget Decorator’s Friend

It’s amazing how a little paint can revitalize your bedroom walls. It can also transform your unattractive furniture or an inexpensive table, bench or chest that you rescued from a yard sale or flea market into an attractive addition to your bedroom decor. You can re-paint the whole room for a brighter, cleaner look or choose a pop of color for an accent wall, night stand or even your bed.


It only takes a few minutes of browsing through the many wall decal designs that are available to see that decals are an excellent, easy, budget-friendly way to perk up your bedroom walls. Wall words are another possible options, if you prefer more subtle wall decorations. Choose an inspirational quote and use decals to post it onto your wall.

Easy Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Bedroom On A Budget

Artistic Bedding

Generally, the bed is the focal point of a bedroom. You can treat is as a canvas and select stunning bed sets, comforters or quilts as a form of art for the room. Shop around, you can look for a new comforter from your local discount store or order one from Down Comforter World. Throw pillows can easily be switched around to change the appearance of the room. You might want to think outside of the box and place a large faux fur rug across the bed to create an impressive focal point.

Wall Art

A collection of mirrors in different shapes and sizes and with different style frames can be an inexpensive way to decorate a bedroom wall. Textured items such as shag rug, faux fur rugs, plush rugs or other textured items can be used as wall art in the bedroom. A photo wall is another possible idea. You can easily find decorations at your local thrift shop or make your own with pictures you already have.

Liven up the Room

Adding a collection of beautiful green plants to your bedroom can improve the appearance and the air quality in the room. A vase of fresh flowers will also enhance the decor.

Clear the Clutter

No matter how much decorating you do in the bedroom, if the room is cluttered it will not look attractive. You could add some shelves, storage furniture or stacking storage cubes to the room to organize the items left in there after you eliminate the clutter.

With a little effort and a little money, you can improve the look of your bedroom. It can go from mundane to exciting, boring to romantic or cluttered to neatly organized. Add some of your own ideas to the ones mentioned here and enjoy your frugally, newly designed bedroom.