Easy Ways To Take Care Of Body And Stay Healthy

Easy Ways To Take Care Of Body And Stay HealthyToday every adult residing in particular in sub-continent suffers from the diseases such as heart, backache, fatigue, high blood pressure and diabetes. There are reports and researches which reveal that by year 2015, around 62 million Indians would be suffering from cardio diseases. A study conducted in 2012 in Dubai says that the risk of heart problems and diseases associated with heart is on way to increase because of the poor physical activities, the lower intake of the fruits and vegetables containing antioxidant and the intake of the high-fat diet.

Indian Bhagwat Gita too has its saying on the importance of physical activity, it says “perform the mandatory duties since the action is better to do than inaction. The body’s maintenance too is not at all possible by inaction”. Therefore we could equalize nearly half of our physical and mental illnesses by adopting the physical activities in our routine lives. We may give boost to our physical activities by joining in the yoga and dance classes since they are equally workable for us and enjoyable in indisk mad. And they also make us fit. For the eating patterns, there are few of the certain issues which are needed to be taken care of as far as food is concerned that we eat guilelessly.

In all the foods or whatever you eat, you need to minimize the salt amount in all of them.

Sugar’s intake should be lessened and it should also be substituted with other unrefined sugars available in the market such as gur and honey. The intake of carbonated drinks should be minimum since they contain around 40 grams of sugar whereas our required daily allowance is just 20 grams of sugar.

Now we talk about the fatty foods, junk foods and fried items which we keep enjoying all the time. It is said that 100 grams of fried potato chips consist of 33 grams of fat whereas one burger of 100 grams carry 17 grams of fat. Now you need to compare all of these with the recommended 6 grams value of daily intake.

Do make your habit to get the morning sunlight exposure to your body for at least 30 minutes a day in order to shun the deficiency of vitamin D.

Stay away from coffee and tea or if you cannot, then the intake should be minimum. Instead take black herbal tea or green tea.

Instead of eating biscuits and breads made with maida, you should eat whole grains such as unsalted popcorn, unbuttered popcorn, bajra, jowar and parboiled unpolished rice.

Red meat should be eaten quite less.

In order to get 6 grams of fats per day, there are many sources to get them same such as you may have from fish oil, flaxseeds, fish and walnuts.

Do drink water as much as you can but minimum quantity should be around 8 or 10 glasses a day. If you urine is light in color, you are okay.

Onions, fenugreek, bitter gourd, garlic, cinnamon and jamun should be eaten in good amount since they are antioxidants rich and boost your immunity.

The intake of soluble fiber is essential. Thus intake of apples, oats and rajma are quite beneficial for lowering the bad cholesterol level and blood sugar level in body.

You need to go for medical checkups frequently.

Take adequate rest always and sleep well around 7-8 hours daily and be in positive attitude always – this will keep you healthy.

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