5 Must have Essential Oils for Every Woman

If you are a woman, then you understand how life can be at times and especially when you have to deal with some emotional issues that seem to be so persistent. While there are many remedies that can help deal with such conditions, essential oils have over time been used and found to be effective. There are however, numerous essential oils that every woman should consider having in their homes at any given time to help bring harmony and balance especially emotionally. Below is a list of 5 oils that you should have together with their benefits.

1. Fennel essential oils

These oils are extracted from the parsley plants and works effectively to bring hormonal balance in the digestive system. It is not strange to experience bouts of digestive discomfort and constipation and using these oils will go a long way in easing the situation and helping enjoy great comfort. While this oil cannot be termed as a miracle worker, it is true that using it will help you experience hormonal balance and comfort.

Lavender Essential Oil

2. Clary sage essential oil

This oil is extracted from the botanical family of mint plants. This essential oil is particularly suitable for women during their pre menopause and menopause period as it helps bring a hormonal balance in such cases. The oil can be diffused into the air and inhaling the minute particles will bring a feeling of joy and calmness. Clary sage oil also contains sedative and soothing properties which are ideal for enhancing relaxation during the day. Use this oil before going to bed by rubbing it on your feet and it will help calm the nerves allowing you to sleep peacefully.

3. Geranium essential oil

Extracted from geranium plant leaves, this oil can be used on the skin as it helps balance the emotions for women and girls during their premenstrual syndrome while at the same time helping deal with undesirable mood swings witnessed during menopause. You can also diffuse the essential oil into the air for inhalation thus facilitating the release of undesirable negative memories while replacing them with joyous and peaceful feelings. Geranium essential oils are also ideal in dealing with stress.

4. Roman Chamomile oil

This oil is extracted from daisy plant flowers and helps in rejuvenating the skin. It can also be used as an anti-infectious agent and therefore suitable for every woman. It is worth noting that there are other benefits associated with the oil and especially in dealing with pain in children including pain associated with teething and stomach upsets. As a woman, you will need it especially if you have kids around you.

5. Lavender

This is the most popular of all the essential oils and has been used in the production of air fresheners and other products as well. It helps deal with depressing moods, hair loss, menstrual cramps and flatulence. It can also help women in their menopause stages alleviate their mood swings. You can also use lavender essential oil to detoxify the liver and treat seasonal allergies.

Essential oils are a must have for every home but every woman should endeavor to have a bottle of the same in their handbags wherever they go. You should consider buying pure oils and especially those that help you deal with your emotions and discomfort that you might be experiencing frequently.