Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Facts About Laser Hair RemovalIf you would want to get rid of the common, dark hair on your body, laser hair removal presents you with one of the best non-surgical methods ever. The treatment process is able to remove the hair permanently but it is normally repeated a few times depending with your type of hair and the area being treated. The hair removal normally involves the killing of the hair follicles at the root using the laser. If you are tired of frequent body hair waxing, shaving and tweezing, then laser hair removal is the best alternative for you.

Laser hair removal can be administered on almost every part of the body including the bikini line, the legs, back, arms and even the underarms among other areas. Going through this process will give you a clean and attractive body, one that will enable you to enjoy your bathing suit without anything to worry about. There are different things that you should know about the procedure and especially if you are interested in the treatment.

What you should know about Laser Hair Removal

  • For you see permanent results from the hair removal process, you might need to go through 4 to 6 treatment sessions. This will help you enjoy permanent results although there are those who can enjoy the same within 2 or even a 9 or more treatment sessions. However, it is worth noting that the required treatment sessions are determined y a number of factors such as hair texture, color, treatment area and your skin color.
  • Another important fact to know is that dark and coarse hair on light skinned people is easier to remove compared to all other types of hairs. This is normally caused by the failure by the laser to target the hair pigment in those clients who have lighter hair and darker skin.
  • Although laser treatment is largely successful in killing the targeted hair, it is possible for the treatment to miss some of the hair in the area being treated. Touch-up sessions should be sought in case you find some missed spots to help correct the problem.
  • Darker haired clients will normally have dramatic results after the treatment compared to those with gray, red or blonde hair.
  • Following the treatment, it is possible to experience a slight sunburn and you should wear sunscreens and especially if you intend to go outdoors for a prolonged period. This is especially the case if the treated area is not covered and is in direct contact with the sun rays.
  • Another fact worth noting is that laser hair removal clients do not experience the same level of pain and even their experiences are different. Some clients will require some sort of anesthesia while others do not require this for treatment. Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance during the treatment.

With the facts above, it is important to ensure that the person performing the laser treatment for you is experienced and licensed to do so. Laser hair removal can be performed by an esthetician or plastic surgeon but they should meet the aforementioned requirements.

This helps ensure that the person undertaking the procedure is properly trained on safety procedures and is also able to carry out a proper assessment for you prior to the treatment. This will help guarantee that the desired results are achieved.

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