Fam On The Move: 5 Overlooked Details Of Your Family Move

Moving is a traumatic and stressful time for any family. Under pressure, even the most fundamental steps in the moving process may be overlooked. By keeping a watchful eye on these five details, even the most stressful move will seem like a walk in the park.


Taking an inventory of major personal property is a critical part of the moving process. It gives homeowners a clear idea of each and every item that will require attention during a move. It’s the perfect way to decide what goes and what needs to be sold, stored or disposed of. Beyond just keeping an inventory list, consider expanding your notes and creating a detailed moving notebook.

Create an “Essentials” Box

Things can quickly become disorganized when your goal has so many moving parts, so dedicate one box (or more, if necessary) to essential goods you’ll need right away when you get to your new home. These things could include sleeping gear, children’s prized toys and blankets, an alarm clock, and anything else you consider necessary immediately on arrival. Make the box distinct from the others by adding stickers, colored tape or any other ideas you come up with to make it extremely easy to spot. Load this box on to the moving truck last, and move it into your home first so you never lose track of it.

Fam On The Move: 5 Overlooked Details Of Your Family Move

The Schedule

Any professional moving company will stress the importance of an actual schedule, printed on paper. As a matter of fact, moving companies will provide families with a basic outline to create their own schedule. When this part of the process is overlooked, chaos is not far behind. By working backward from the actual moving day, homeowners can create a plan of attack and start crossing things of the list.


When it comes to getting rid of trash and personal property, many families will wait until the last minute. Any items that are not going on the moving trucks need to be dealt with. In regards to actual trash, many municipalities will require a fee or permits to accept items such as house paint and other chemicals. Whether the homeowner is trashing items or selling them, this is a detail that should be crossed off of the schedule at least two weeks before moving day.


Most families will wind up with a surplus of furniture and personal property. They will either need to leave items behind, or they will need extra storage space near their new home. In either case, short term solutions like storage units near Federal Way offer the perfect answer for a common problem. Storage facilities are clean, safe and many offer month to month rental without the need for a long-term commitment. Visiting a site like DaffodilStorage.com provides a good overview of what storage facilities have to offer.

The Concierge

This simply refers to a service that most moving companies offer their customers. A concierge will make certain that a family doesn’t overlook any details regarding the setup of their new home. From electrical service to gas hookup, either the concierge or the homeowner need to make certain these details are not overlooked.

While most homeowners will never admit to overlooking such important details, it does happen. Keeping these fundamental issue in mind will help to make moving day come and go with ease.