Famous Horror Films That Inspired Halloween Costumes

There are plenty of Halloween costumes which can be worn this October 31st. A zombie is always popular as are novelty costumes. By covering arms, legs and a face with bandages, a Mummy costume can be worn at Halloween. There are many horror films which have inspired costumes. When searching for the perfect Halloween costume which will scare everyone who sees it, here are a couple of ideas to take into consideration.

Famous Horror Films That Inspired Halloween Costumes


Although it was released more than eighty years ago, Frankenstein is still a scary film. A Frankenstein mask could be purchased or an entire outfit which comes with a green jacket, trousers and a headpiece. Just like when buying clothes from a high street shop, a Frankenstein costume is available in many different sizes. Instantly recognisable, everyone knows what a Frankenstein outfit looks like. The person who is wearing it will also have a lot of fun, especially as they can pretend to be like Boris Karloff.

Friday the 13th

The original killer in the first film of this ongoing franchise was Jason Voorhees’ mother but it is her son who is remembered as being the serial killer of Camp Crystal Lake. Although there have been several sequels to Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees is still a scary character. With his machete and iconic hockey mask, Jason Voorhees is a popular choice as a Halloween costume. The mask which Jason wears is typically scarred and is covered with dried blood. An online retailer should have many types of Voorhees costumes. They could sell a mask or this item and also a shirt which can be worn to accompany it. An entire costume might also include a machete. If only a machete is required because a Jason Voorhees costume is already owned, it can be bought as an accessory.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Just like with Friday the 13th, there have been many A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Freddy Krueger is the infamous child killer who terrorises his victims in their dreams. He has a gruesome appearance because he was burned in his furnace room by the parents of his victims. In the fourth instalment of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy reveals that the souls of his children are trapped on his chest. Many retailers have this particular costume in their catalogue and the person wearing it will look very gruesome. Along with Freddy’s trademark trilby hat, a green and red striped sweater can be included in this particular costume – his glove which has knives attached might also be provided.


The title character, as played by Michael Keaton, is one of the most popular Halloween costumes around. With his long white hair and blackened eyes, Beetlejuice has a gruesome yet comical appearance. An online retailer might have a wig in its catalogue or an entire outfit. If the whole Beetlejuice ensemble is required, an online fancy dress shop might have it in many sizes. To complete a Beetlejuice outfit, white face paint should be bought to replicate this character’s appearance.

Movies continue to inspire ideas for fancy dress with Halloween being the perfect occasion. As new horror films are released every year, the next great idea could be just around the corner.