Fashionable Guidelines for Carrying Plus-size Layered Look

The layered look is a classic fashion statement that has been revised and revamped for decades, but plus-size women are often advised against attempting it. The reasons might seem obvious. Different layers of clothing, including tops, vests, jackets, and leggings can easily add extra bulk to even the slimmest frame. But layering fashion pieces is an art form, and there’s a right and a wrong way to pull it off. The key to plus-size layering is creating a streamlined look that’s structured without being lumpy.

The first instinct concerning layering plus-size fashion might be to use light, flimsy fabrics, but this can actually achieve an opposite effect from what’s intended. Flimsy fabrics hold no shape and can even make you look bigger. It’s okay to wear a thinner piece as the bottom layer of the outfit, but stiff or medium-weight fabrics work best on the outside. Structured jackets, cardigans, and vests in solid colors will create the kind of flattering silhouette that plus-size women are looking for. Heavy seaming, cinched waists, and ruching all look great on a curvy figure.

Plus-size women also need to understand how to use color when wearing layers. While it’s common knowledge that darker colors are slimming and lighter colors are fuller, knowing how to emphasize and de-emphasize your features with colors is a different story. Lighter colors can be used to draw attention to the bust, while darker colors can be used to slim the hips or arms.


Remember the primary fashion principle behind the layered look is contrast. A bold combination of prints and colors will work best with any layered outfit. If you’re wearing patterns, it’s best to keep them on the inside or use them as a base layer. Accenting a print with a couple solid pieces will help create a shape and balance. Avoid layering in a single color – it’s a sure-fire way to look large.




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As with any outfit, it’s important to wear clothes that fit correctly. If your clothes are too small or too large, you run the risk of looking bulky and sloppy. Blouses, jeans, and jackets should be fitted in order to look polished. Longer layers should be on the bottom, while thicker layers should be towards the top. You should avoid jackets or sweaters that are too unnecessarily thick or textured unless you can pair them with something lightweight or basic. Contrasting cuts and designs is the best way to take advantage of layering as a fashion technique.

Layering usually involves several different tops combined with outer pieces, including scarves. These days, there are layered camisoles and t-shirts on the market that can help you achieve the look easily. That can be really helpful for plus-size women who are looking for clothes guaranteed to be flattering and stylish. Even shirts with contrasting collars are designed to give the illusion of layering. The layered look is so ingrained in fashion culture that now it’s become simple to fake it.

When done correctly and with a natural flare for style, the layering look can be considered a cornerstone of plus size fashion. Manipulating color, pattern, shape, and length is the perfect way to bring attention to your best assets while forming a slimming silhouette. There’s no reason for plus size women to shy away from this timeless look as long as they can follow a few simple rules for really making it work.