Feng Shui Tips For Living Room Furniture

Feng shui tips for sofa placement: sofa should put against wall, this means having no worries in the feng shui. If the sofa is placed against window, door, or passage, there is no wall in the back, this will not good to the development of work and the harmonious of family. People may feel unsafe when there is no wall at the back of sofa analyzed from psychology. There is an old saying goes:” be observant and alert in all the direction”. When sofa is put against door or passage, people cannot observe the situation behind them; therefore they may worry about be attacked from their back. People also can put cabinet or screen behind sofa when there is no extra space for placing sofa near the wall. There is one thing people should pay attention to – there should not have water behind sofa. Furnishings with water like fish tank should avoid placing behind sofa. Evergreen plants can be placed behind sofa to fill up the space behind it.

Sofa placed in the same line with door is called hedging in feng shui. It will cause the unstable of family and the loss of money. When having this situation, the best solution is to move the sofa away. If there is no extra space for placing sofa, screen should be placed between sofa and door.

The placement of sofa is better to be curve. The importance of sofa in living room is the same as the main port of a country. Good port must have extended curve part, shaping like U. so does the placement of sofa. This can help collecting money and having flourishing family member.

There should be no light right above the sofa. People may install lighting above the sofa to increase lighting intensity. Such as tube light and spotlight on the ceiling. The light directly irradiate above the sofa, this violate feng shui rules. It may cause people dizzy and feel restless. This can be solved by irradiating the light to wall.

Avoid placing mirror behind sofa. Mirror has the function of open up space. So using mirror on the wall is a popular decoration way. In the feng shui, mirror cannot hang behind the sofa for it will reflect people’s back of head. It will cause the distraction and restless of people. It is ok when the mirror cannot reflect the back part of people’s head.

Feng Shui Tips For Living Room Furniture

Feng Shui Tips for Coffee Table:

There must be coffee table beside or in front of sofa in the living room. Here is the metaphor for the relationship of sofa and coffee table. Sofa is the master, coffee table is the guest; sofa can be looked as mountain and coffee table as the water. The combination of mountain and water, sofa and coffee table satisfy the rules for feng shui. Sofa should be higher and larger than coffee table. If coffee table is larger than sofa, people may have the feeling of presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role. So the coffee table dimension should be small.

Low and flat coffee table is best choice for living room. The height of coffee table should not exceed people’s knee when sitting on the sofa. Besides, there should be enough space for coffee table in front of sofa. It will affect people’s normal activity when the coffee table is placed too close to sofa. Rectangle and oval are the ideal shape for coffee table. Round coffee table is also acceptable. Prismatic coffee table should be avoided. When there is no enough space for placing coffee table, it can be put beside the sofa.

In a dolichomorphic living room, coffee table is better to place on the two side of sofa, which means protection and helping people with green dragon and white tiger. This not only makes full use of space, but also satisfies feng shui rules.

Feng Shui for Cabinet Placement:

Cabinet is one of the important furniture in living room. In the placement of living room furniture, sofa is mainly used to rest; cabinet is used to put TV and accessories. The size for cabinet should match with living room area. Harmonious is a non-ignorable element in furniture placement. Accessories are placed above TV audio for high cabinet and calligraphy and painting are hang on the wall for low cabinet. These accessories and calligraphy and painting should mean auspicious. High means Mountain and low means water in feng shui. Combining Mountain with water satisfies feng shui rules and have good influence on the home owner. In the living room, high cabinet means mountain and sofa means water.When low cabinet is used in the living room, the cabinet and sofa are in the same height, we can place a picture on the cabinet to increase its height. The picture is better about landscape. Find more living room furniture trends here.