Finding The Fun In Family-tips And Advice On How To Spend Quality Time With Those You Love

Finding out how to have fun with your family can be a daunting task. It’s a challenge for most teenagers to approach their parents with kindness, let alone find the fun in being around them. The family unit is a precious part of life, but we all have our sibling rivalries and parental complaints. Parents find difficulty in providing fun for their children and children struggle with finding the fun in being together. As intimidating, and seemingly impossible a task it may be, finding the fun in family is possible!

Finding The Fun In Family-tips And Advice On How To Spend Quality Time With Those You Love

Honor the Interests of Each Family Member

Honoring the likes and dislikes of each family member is essential to having fun together. When it comes to being a family and having fun, participating in activities that only appeal to one person will produce boredom for the rest. Instead, take a survey of what each member in your family likes to do. Create a survey sheet that can be printed or call a family meeting and take notes. In your survey, find out what each family member enjoys doing. What activities does little Johnny want to do when it’s his day off from school? What does dad like to do when he isn’t at the office? Ask about what each person likes to do, what movies they like to watch, and what foods they like to eat. Make sure mom, dad, and every child shares their thoughts with everyone. This automatically creates an environment where each family member’s interests are noticed and honored.

Create a Schedule

Once you’ve learned what each family member likes to do, put it into action by creating a schedule. These will not only help keep the family fun times organized, but it will also ensure that family fun is engrained into daily life. Depending on the size of one’s family, a schedule can be created that makes room for one day or three to five days each week that the family can have fun together. Each day can rotate between each child’s interests. One day can be dedicated to dad. On that day, the family may go fishing, hiking, and watch an action movie together, etc. Once a schedule is created, be sure you stick with it! If there is a chaotic day where a planned activity is canceled, then be sure to reschedule for later in the week. Rescheduling will show the family that having fun together actually means something!

Be Open-minded

When everyone is together, and trying to have a good time, remain open-minded. If an activity doesn’t suit your taste, don’t immediately announce that you’ve had enough. Give each activity some time to grow on you. Who knows, maybe you will end up loving mini-golf once you’ve gotten to hole 5! As you show your interest in what your family is doing together, the more fun you will have. Decide to keep your mind and heart open to trying new foods, watching different movies, and trying new sports. The more you are willing to try the more you will grow to love spending time with your family.

Set Expectations

Setting rules and expectations is important. Make sure each family member is aware of how they must treat each other when everyone is together. No name-calling, no “this sucks”, no whining, are just some of the ground-rules that can be set. When a rule is broken, each family member should know what the consequences will be. Setting expectations while trying to find the fun in the family may seem illogical, but it is necessary for providing a safe and fun environment!

Having fun with the family can seem difficult but with a little organization you can get a jumpstart on finding the fun in family life. From honoring each family member to establish rules, take the time to get to know each person in your family. Of course there will be bumps and bruises along the way but soon you will see how easy it is to have fun with your family! As you spend time with your family, remember that these are the people who will take care of you when no one else will.

The article is written by Cristine Julia who has a great contribution in kiwi families. She advises the reader of this article to cherish the precious moments you have with each other and you will find the fun in family!