5 Reasons To Hire An Online Personal Trainer

A few months back I decided to hire a personal trainer Victoria. I had wanted to do it for some time and I’m glad I finally did. I lost a lot of weight, became fitter and also was eating better.

But just a couple of weeks ago I was told I was being transferred from my jobs Victoria division to Fort McMurray Alberta. It’s cold and remote up there. My first thought wasn’t about leaving my home city, but how was I going to work out.

I brought this up to my personal trainer and he said that they could do act as an online personal trainer to me. This made me feel great. But how does this work and what are five reasons you should hire an online personal trainer?

#1 – Costs

Because an online personal trainer doesn’t require to be in the gym with you, your costs will be much less. The costs involved in hiring a personal trainer are the main reason why people don’t. Or if they do, they don’t use them for long because it costs so much.

#2 – Quality Of Trainers

In my case I’ll keep my personal trainer as use them remote. But if you are going to choose an online trainer, you can choose from so many. This means the quality will be better then choosing from a local personal trainer.

5 Reasons To Hire An Online Personal Trainer

#3 – Workout Whenever

Your online trainer will set you up with a training schedule based on your free times and not there’s. If you take sessions with a local trainer, you’ll often be competing for their time to get a session in. This might cause you stress for trying to juggle things around their schedule. This isn’t the case when you work with an online personal trainer.

#4 – Workout Wherever

As I mentioned earlier I’m going to be living in a remote part of Canada. There isn’t any gyms close by. My online personal trainer knows this and will be working with me to develop a training program based on what I can do. I’ll be doing most stuff indoors using heavy things like boxes filled with books and water jugs for lifting. It’s all about improvisation. This is where they have lots of experience in coming up with creative substitutes for weights.

I also plan to do some stuff outdoors.

#5 – Still Accountable

Because your online personal trainer will schedule weekly sessions to talk, you will still have someone to hold you accountable. Unlike any fitness DVDs or videos, they will be sure to push and encourage you when needed. Much like they would in person.

Overall I’m excited to be taking my personal trainer with me despite moving hundreds of miles away. They just won’t be by my side in the gym, which is fine. At some point you have to do it on your own.