Five Reasons Why It’s Time To Upgrade The Flooring In Your Home

Flooring is something that will need updating from time to time. If you still have carpet it can become tired and worn very quickly leaving your home looking a little untidy and unclean no matter how often you hover and clean your carpets. Now is the time to update your flooring to wooden flooring that will last a long time and add value and style to your home.
Five Reasons Why It's Time To Upgrade The Flooring In Your Home
Add Value To Your Home
Estate agents claim that homes with wooden flooring not only go for a little more but they are also easier to sell. Almost everyone is looking for a new home complete with wooden flooring already installed and they are willing to pay bigger bucks for it. One of the great benefits of upgrading your flooring to wooden flooring is it’s well worth the investment as you will make your money back and maybe more.

Make Life Easier
Carpets are notoriously difficult to clean, if you spill anything you have to clean it as soon as the spill happens, otherwise it will stain. Nearly every home with carpets have the odd stain and mark which can leave your home looking a little untidy even when it isn’t. Wooden flooring means no stains and no tedious cleaning regimes every time an accident happens. Just wipe up the spill and your flooring looks no different for it.

Better Hygiene
Unfortunately carpets harbour germs. The average life of a carpet is ten years, so that’s ten years worth of germs! The only way to get rid of them is to hire a professional to do a deep clean, and even then you can’t banish all the germs. Wooden flooring means no harbouring of germs, just sweep and mop with a lightly damp mop once a week and your flooring is germ free!

Style Update
The current trend is minimalist, it’s been around for ages, and it’s set to stay for a long time. Update your home with wooden flooring for a more minimal and natural look. If your home is up to date in style it will be easier to sell when it comes down to it too. Keep it local and have a consultation to see how wooden flooring can benefit you, I’m local to Bristol and have had brilliant wooden flooring in Bristol installed.

Safety First
If you have children it’s often thought that carpet is better as it’s softer so creates a softer landing for any falls. Falling on carpet can result in some really nasty burns and scrapes. Wooden flooring is a better flooring option when there are children around and offers a better surface for landing on avoiding painful carpet burns.

Eilidh MacRae works for N and S Flooring who provide wooden flooring in Bristol.