For The Artsy: How to Design and Draw Nail Art


Nail art is one of the trendiest fashions today. They are use give life to your nails and flaunt the personality and mood of the person wearing this. Special occasions such weddings, graduations and school dances are perfect to debut your new nail art designs. You time to practice nail art in order to make it look perfect and cute. The hardest part about nail art is deciding what you want to paint on your nails.

1. Choose a style. You must pick a design for a special occasion or to wear casually. If you are going to a special occasion, spice your nail art. If you are designing to a special event, chill out your nail designs

2. You must the design before you apply it to your nails. Use a piece of paper in place of your nails and practice creating the design.

3. Apply a base. You must paint your nails a base color using various types of nail polish. If you are going to use playful nail polish for a base, you must consider the color of the design you select. If the style you pick includes many light lines and dots, paint the base black. If the design you select consists of dark lines and dots, use a light colored base.

4. You can ass simple designs. Then, you can nail styling strips on your nails in the areas that you want the base color to show through. Paint over the strips and your nails using a different color than the base coat. Wait until the nail polish dries and remove the strips slowly.

5. Then, apply acrylic designs. You have to use a thin brush and dab it in acrylic paint. Use simple geometry to create your art. Dots are easy to make on small nails so you can use them as one of your styles. Paint flowers by making a medium-size dot in the middle of your nails and painting smaller sized dots around it. Draw simple lines with different colored acrylic paint to create modern looks. Replicate animal fur patterns like those of leopards and zebras by using brown colored spots and black lines respectfully.

6. You can also add some glare. Use glitter nail polish to finish off your designs and make them stand out.

7. Seal your nail designs with a clear top coat. Use a clear top coat to protect designs from rubbing off unknowingly.

8. Lastly, get rid of the unwanted designs and mistakes. Put acetone on a cotton ball and clean to get off of the excessive nail polish on your nails.

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