For Training And Body Building Follow The Rules

It took me 8 years to figure out this stuff, I tended to give up muscle building for a few months every time I would hit a plateau and I hit a lot of them.

Actually this stuff never came easy for me because most of the time I would be stabbing in the dark with no idea what I’m doing.Over the course of the years I have made many mistakes, one of which resulted in me having a chipped tooth (never work out when you’re angry).

A) Training below your threshold instead of above it

Many people lift weights that they can lift about 12+ times, the problem with that is, while your body will adapt it will not build a significant amount of muscle.

You must use weights that you can lift at about 4-8 times, this will put a significant amount of stress on your body and will stimulate growth that will turn heads everywhere you go.

B) Relying On Supplements Too Much

I am guilty of making this mistake; sometimes I would barely eat anything throughout a day and try to build muscle by solely depending on a powder. After doing some research I found out that most new and hot seller powders are made of mostly flour, food coloring and artificial sweeteners.

Now there are some good powders that have been around for years but in my opinion they are made for athletes who want to squeeze the most performance out of their bodies and they are already eating all the right carbs and fats in their current diets.

Work out from home?
Note: It can be hard to find a place to do this exercise at home; you can try hanging on the freezer’s door but don’t be surprised if you break it 🙂

Luckily there are also lots of places outside the house, maybe a tree branch right outside the house (just get a gym subscription if you can afford one). To add extra weight tie a weight plate to yourself, tie it hard enough so it won’t fall off or get your girlfriend to pull on you, whatever works.

I heard that the pros do a harder version of this exercise, they put their hands really far from each other (as far as they can), and when they pull themselves up they put their head behind the bar they use, not the front. Just be careful because this exercise should be used sparingly, it can damage your back

So start with the basics, exercise right and eat right, powders never worked for me and they probably won’t work for you.

Brandon is fitness trainer and a part time blogger who loves to write on health and fitness topics. He occasionally buys uk steroids for sale from this website