Fun Ways To Earn Pocket Money For Kids

Kids, you don’t have to depend on the allowance you get from your folks for your expenses. It’s never too soon to learn how to make your own money. In this post, we’ll find out fun ways of earning a few extra bucks and learn some valuable life lessons in the process.

So, kids, there hasn’t been much in the way of allowance coming your way lately? Don’t be harsh on your parents. The economy is bad, many people are losing their jobs, and many more are being forced to cut back on their hours/salaries.

Don’t be alarmed. The intention of my post is not to bring you face to face with reality. All I want to do is tell you about some fun ways to earn a few bucks, so you don’t have to depend solely on your allowance to meet your expenses. In the process, you will also learn some very important life lessons starting with how hard it is to earn every dollar and appreciate your parents for it.

Fun Ways To Earn Pocket Money For Kids

What are We Waiting for? Let’s get started:

1. Kiddie Garage Sale:

You and I both know that you hate cleaning your room (unless you’re a pre-teen avatar of Monica Geller from Friends). But what if I told you that you can earn some quick cash by cleaning out your room of old or unused clothes, toys, stationary, etc? Sounds interesting? Then go look for such stuff in your room, collect all of it, and hold a “just for kids” garage sale over the weekend. You may find kids interested to buy toys and clothes that you’ve grown out of. If you have stuff left after the garage sale, don’t throw it back into the cupboard or trash can. Ask your parents to donate it to a charity. This will help you understand the importance of reusing things and feel the joy of giving.  It’s not just used things you can give away. Say you’ve got a brand new toy for your birthday and somebody else gave you the same thing. Instead of keeping both, you can give away one to a charity called K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations). Needy kids all over the world can have the joy of receiving something new.

2. Crafty Business:

If you love doing art and craft, this one is just for you. There are lots of things you can make using stuff lying around in your home. For example, take a few white or manila envelopes and decorate them with things like stickers, confetti, or even pictures cut out from old magazines. You can make an envelope from scratch using left over gift wrappers or unused colored pages of a scrap book. Some other ideas off the top of my head include handmade greeting cards, artwork calendars, decorative baskets, etc. You’ll find tons of ideas on the Internet. Once you have the goods, you can request a local gift shop to sell it for you. You can also check to see if someone’s hosting a craft show in your neighborhood. Earning money this way will help you develop your creative skills.

3. Do Chores for the Elderly:

Ask older people living in the neighborhood if you can run some errands or do some odd jobs around the house for them. You can help around with things like mowing their lawn, washing their cars, vacuuming their home, heating their food, walking their dog, watering their plants, etc. They’ll be more than willing to pay you for the chores you do and you’ll learn the value of helping others, especially people who are old and not very strong. However, make sure your parents are familiar with anyone you want to help.

4. Refreshment Sale:

We all love cookies and brownies don’t we? They taste even better if accompanied with a hot cup of cocoa in winter or a glass of cool lemonade during summer. Ever tried selling them, though? You can get pre-packaged mixes for cookies, brownies, cakes, muffins, etc. at the supermarket. Ask an adult to help you bake them. Don’t forget adding lemonade or cocoa to your refreshment sale depending on the weather. Set up a small table on the driveway with some attractive banners and you’re ready to go. You’ll be surprised at how many people stop by for a quick snack and refreshing drink. Not only will you make money, but you’ll also learn to bake and clean.

5. Sell Metal Scrap:

Do you see a lot of empty soda cans, chocolate tins, old pipes and cables, discarded window frames or anything that looks like metal to you in your home, garden or garage? Start collecting them now (except precious metals like gold and silver or you’ll get the hiding of your life from mom). Once you’ve got a substantial volume to work with, enlist an adult’s help to sort them and request them to drive you to a scrap recycling facility like SIMS Metal Management in your neighborhood. By selling your metal scrap for money at a scrap yard, you keep it from being land-filled and help conserve natural resources. All of this translates into a healthier, greener planet!

And that’s how you get some extra cash in your pocket, have fun, and learn valuable life lessons. I know you can’t wait to get started and unleash the mini entrepreneur in you!