Fun Ways To Get Your Workout In This Summer

The long days of summer provide a perfect opportunity to fit in some exercise while enjoying some fun in the sun. There are many alternatives to traditional gym workouts that can add some interesting variety to your workout routine. Here are five fun ways to get your workout in this summer:


Hiking along a wilderness trail will give you the chance to enjoy some aerobic exercise while connecting with nature. If you live in a mountainous area, you will likely have an easy time locating trails that provide additional challenges by taking you up steep hills. Hiking offers a particularly great workout for the quads, hamstrings and other muscles in the lower half of the body. This activity can further help you develop stronger lung capacity.


This traditional summertime activity is another great way to stay in shape when the temperature rises. Many local public pools offer cheap admission prices. If you want a more challenging swim, you may want to consider taking a dip in a local lake or creek. Swimming can help you tone your arms, shoulders and back muscles. Another great aspect of swimming is the fact that it doesn’t place a lot of heavy impact on bones and joints. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, you can always try out private adult swimming lessons to gain the confidence necessary to try this workout.


Paddling in a kayak, canoe or other type of rowboat can open the door to new adventures as you burn some calories. If you want to give your leg muscles a good workout in addition to your back and arm muscles, you can purchase a rowboat with a sliding seat. Taking a boat on a lake or river can provide an escape from everyday life along with some much-needed quiet time.


Taking a peaceful bicycle ride on a warm summer day will likely make you forget that you are even exercising. In addition to toning your glutes and leg muscles, cycling can also help you improve your sense of balance and coordination. It is generally best to ride a bicycle in places with light vehicular traffic so that you can enjoy safer, less crowded conditions.

Outdoor Yoga

Yoga doesn’t always have to be performed in an indoor studio, and summer is the perfect season to get outdoors and do some stretching. You can take your yoga mat to a public park or secluded outdoor location to perform poses that are designed to improve balance, flexibility and breathing patterns. You may even be able to find group classes that are held at outdoor locations during the summer.

There is no reason why you should let your fitness routine go during the summer months, and these activities are sure to keep you fit while you enjoy the best aspects of the season.

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