Get The Exact Model You Want With Customized Garden Sheds

There are a many ways to be unique with customized garden sheds. A person can get just what they want by choosing from a variety of options when designing their personal shed. From trims to roof styles, from lighting options to interior set-ups, a person can get a very individualized shed.

Get The Exact Model You Want With Customized Garden Sheds


The variety of trims available helps to make a shed individual. There are window boxes that can be added, to plant flowers of choice. Shutters can be added for looks or for extra protection from the weather. Different soffit trims can be added, from gingerbread style to Greek geometric styles, to scrolls and scallops. The trim can either be the same color as the shed or in a contrasting, blending color. The different options give a totally different look.

Roof Styles

Roof styles give a very visual and distinct style statement. The different styles include apex, pent, and post-and-beam. Each has a very different look. The apex style is like a traditional roof on a home, with a peak in the middle that slopes down the sides. They have a triangular shape with a gable. The pent style is high on one side and lower on the other. It is usually nested us next to another building, giving it the name of a lean-to.  The post-and-beam style is the style seen on barns. They look like miniature barns.

Lighting Options

Another area of difference in customized garden sheds is in the style of lighting. Some sheds won’t have any lighting. Others will be lit only by built-in skylights. Other sheds will be wired with electricity and will have interior lighting, and some will even have decorative lighting outside beside the doors, such as sconces. Any one or a combination can be chosen to individualize their personal shed.


Size is another method of customization. Size is dictated in part by the usage and the budget. It is advisable to get the largest size affordable so that expansions or additional sheds will not have to be obtained in the future. From small garden chests to large barns sizes that will contain animals, the size is a very individual choice.


The choice of materials is another area of customization. It is a very personal choice based on use, budget, and preferred look. Combined with other style choices, the choice of materials can give a completely individual look. The three materials available are wood, plastic, and metal. Each has characteristics that make them preferable to others. Each requires some minor maintenance, but none are difficult to maintain.


The interiors can also be customized, though for plastics and metals it may be necessary to follow a standard plan they can be customized with additional shelves, tables, and such, but it is difficult to add them after manufacture. With wood, there is no problem adding them. But, either way, customized garden sheds can be made to the owner’s preference.

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Christina Thorne loves gardening second only to her love for writing. She has explored and written about customized garden sheds to give her readers all the latest information about how to get the exact shed they want, whether they are building their own of having it done for them.