Get Your Permanent Residency Australia From The Trusted Agency

The kangaroo nation has always been quite a popular destination for migrant students and workers. As a result, people get lost in the labyrinth of information which comes out while researching residency options in that country. But here we will discuss everything relevant to permanent residency in Australia:

The phrase ‘Permanent Residency Australia’ certainly gives new students hope of getting benefits which are quite similar to that of a citizen and they are right because the corresponding name ‘permanent resident’ is dedicated to a non-citizen who is the holder of a permanent visa. People with the status of a permanent resident get almost the same benefits as the citizens. The facilities they get excluded from are as follows:

  • A citizen can enter and leave the country upon their wish but a permanent residency holder will have to make sure that they have a permanent visa Australia with a trust worthy travel authority if they want to return from any international trip with their permanent residency intact. (This is important because students especially will want to return home periodically)
  • A permanent resident cannot vote in the elections like a citizen would. The only exception would be if they were listed as a holder of permanent residency in Australia prior if 1984 as a British subject.

Get Your Permanent Residency Australia From The Trusted Agency

Below Listed are some main Areas which should will Concern a Person with Permanent Residency in Australia:

  1. Education: it should be noted that the national government dispenses the funding required for universities in all states but each of them are independent in their governance and course content. Regarding schools- the state government provides funding for them.
  2. Social Security: There are two legislation acts which define social security benefits:
  • Social Security Act 1991.
  • Social Security (International Agreements) Act 1999.
  • Social Security Agreements between Australia and other respective countries.
  1. Medical Benefits: The Health Insurance Act 1973 covers the healthcare scheme. Benefits are available to an ‘Australian Resident’ as and is defined in the Act specifically. But rest assured that people are eligible for some type of medical cover through agreements between Australia and the home country.
  2. Sponsoring Migrants: The ability to sponsor migrants is governed by the Migration Regulations 1994, which states that the sponsor must be 18 years and above especially for visas from the parent category, Aged Dependent relative category, Contributory Parent category and Carer Visa.
  3. HELP (Higher Education Loans Program): Only permanent humanitarian visa holders and Permanent Residency Australia citizens can access HELP and the parallel discounts for payments under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. It should be noted that Australian Permanent Residents are not eligible to defer to a HECS- HELP loan and that they will have to pay their student contribution. They are instead only eligible for a Commonwealth accepted and supported place.

While deciding permanent visa Australia or applying for permanent Visas for the same, one must always be ready with all documents and be clear on what category one fits in and what are the benefits that category provides. Prior planning will help in making the end trip much more enjoyable.