Getting Glasses For The First Time? Tips For Choosing A Pair The Complements Your Face And Style

Glasses can be a style focal point for anyone. Finding a pair that complements your face and expresses a sense of who you are doesn’t have to be complicated. Knowing your face shape and a few general style guidelines will have you matched up with a perfect pair of frames in no time.

Face Shapes

There are five classic face shapes: oval, round, square, long and heart-shaped. Prominent cheekbones, cheeks that gently slope towards the chin, and a medium-sized forehead are all attributes of the symmetrical oval face shape. People with round faces have almost the same width as length of face. A boxy jaw and wide forehead characterize the square face. The long face is similar to the oval shape except that the features are elongated. Heart-shaped faces strongly taper toward the chin and often feature a wide forehead. It’s important to know your face shape before choosing glasses.

Getting Glasses For The First Time? Tips For Choosing A Pair The Complements Your Face And Style

The Right Frames

Now that you know your face shape, choosing frames that suit you is a cinch. The oval face shape is the most forgiving and can wear many types of frames. Those with round faces should stay away from round frames, and instead go for square or rectangle styles. Square faces often pair well with soft frame shapes such as the aviator or butterfly. However, guys with square faces can play up their strong jawlines with large, thick frames. The long face shape works with many frame styles as long as the widest part of the frame does not extend past the temples. Round frames with light metalwork match well with the heart-shaped face. Matching the right frame shape with the face shape goes a long way in making sure glasses highlight, rather than detract from, your face.

In Style

You can tell a lot about a person by their glasses, and not all pairs of glasses work in all places. In business environments, conservative frames are your best bet. Choose classic shapes in grey, brown, black or tortoise. Students or hipsters may want to choose large, colorful retro frames to stay on trend. Style mavens may opt for elegant detailing on metal frames. Men and women on the go may prefer a sturdy, basic style in a bold color. And, just as you have different styles of shoes for the different parts of your life, you may need more than one pair of glasses.

Paying attention to your face shape and reflecting on your lifestyle and personality will help you choose the perfect pair of glasses. So whether you want to make a fashion statement or are heading to your next business meeting, you can wear your glasses with confidence.

Informational credit to The Eyewear Place.