Getting The Family In Check: 5 Documents To Have Before Having Kids

Whether a couple has been planning for years or a baby is on its way as a welcome surprise, becoming a parent could have a quite a few legal and financial surprises. As the time quickly approaches, here are five important documents to have organized and up-to-date.

1. State-Approved ID

While it is going to change slightly between states, having state-approved documents or licenses will make the time at the hospital run much smoother. Whether it is checking into a room, allowing immediate family members in, or even properly identifying the child for safety purposes, the hospital will typically want to see state-approved ID before any wristbands are issued.

2. Marriage Certificate or Proof of Co-Habitation

Today’s society may be lax about the legal standing of couples, but it is never a bad idea to have at least a marriage certificate or proof of co-habitation. While this type of information is not critical during the birth, it can help parents bypass some legal hurdles when it comes to everything from a child’s passport to their legal naming.

Getting The Family In Check: 5 Documents To Have Before Having Kids

3. Health Insurance Cards

Insurance documents and cards will be some of the most important items that parents can have on-hand and up-to-date. All parents are going to hope that everything runs smoothly, but minor mishaps and misunderstandings can take place. Having the correct insurance information could help in situations in which care above-and-beyond the actual birthing process will be necessary.

4. A Will

From the moment that a parent finds them self with a dependent, they are never going to want to worry if their children or spouse will struggle financially after a death. The professionals from The Upton Law Firm, LLC say a will is the single most effective way to ensure that property is transferred quickly and legally, helping the family get through the process in the worst-case scenario.

5. Ownership Papers for Assets

Much like a will can help to protect surviving family members from any legal troubles, finalizing all ownership papers and keeping them in a safe place will mean that one less point of stress lands on the shoulders of new parents. Couples should speak thoroughly with one another to decide which assets and debts they will assume separately and which they will assume as a couple.

There is going to be nothing like the day when a new family member is added to the family, and taking care of legal, medical, and financial paperwork beforehand can mean just a little less stress in those first few days, weeks, and months.