Halloween Costumes That Work With White Colored Contacts

Are you looking for a great Halloween costume that goes the extra mile for authenticity?  Whether you’re looking to win a Halloween costume contest or just want to stand out from the crowd, choosing a costume to pair up with white colored contact lenses will make exactly the statement you desire.


What are White Colored Contact Lenses?

White colored contact lenses are exactly what they sound like: contact lenses that make your eye appear a base coat of white.  Then, you can choose white contact lenses that have other images on top of the white color, such as stars, crosses, blood spots, pentagrams, etc.  White contact lenses are purely cosmetic and have no vision correction, but if you needed them with a prescription, you could get them custom made.

White colored contacts are popular for Halloween because they look so ghastly, striking and creepy—all the things you want in a great costume!  Simply put them in your eyes as you would any normal contact and presto, your eyes are changed into the ghoulish appearance Halloween is all about.   Plus, white contact lenses don’t impede your vision at all—in other words, you’ll see completely normal, not white-tinted.

What Kind of Halloween Costumes Work Well with White Colored Contacts?

Of course, this look isn’t going to work with just any Halloween costume.  For instance, being Princess Jasmine from Aladdin probably isn’t going to require white contact lenses—unless you’re zombie Princess Jasmine!

As a general rule, you want to stick with costumes that are enhanced by the white colored contact lenses.  This includes costumes that are other-worldly like an alien, a magician, an angel, mystic or devil.  White colored contacts also work really well with superheros that maybe have a bit of a dark side.

The bottom line is that whichever Halloween costume you choose, make sure the eyes are giving it a spook factor or a little twist, even if it’s not scary.  For instance, you can get white contact lenses with your country’s flag on it and then dress up accordingly.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Be a professional gambler and get white contact lenses with card suits on them
  • Dress up as your favorite soccer or baseball player and then get soccer ball or baseball white colored contacts (the contact actually looks like the ball itself)
  • Be a zombie or a mummy with white colored contacts that have stitches on them
  • Dress as a sharpshooter or sniper and get target cross-hair white colored contact lenses
  • Be a black and white character from TV (or maybe the Take on Me video from A-Ha) and get black and white checkered contact lenses
  • Dress as Dracula and get Dracula’s cape or the face of Dracula white colored contacts
  • Or fight vampires as Blade with the contacts Wesley Snipes wore in the movie
  • Be an undertaker and get white colored contacts with a black coffin on them
  • Dress as a cyborg and get robotic contact lenses
  • Be Marilyn Manson and get the white contact lenses he always wears
  • Be a bionic man with bionic eye contacts
  • Be any number of things with bloodshot eye contacts—a hungover college student, a virus outbreak victim, an insomniac, a serial killer
  • Be a toxic waste or nuclear spill survivor with glow in the dark contacts
  • Into animals?  Get the lizard eye contact, cat eye contact or bird eye contact, then dress up and hit the town
  • Be a hypnotist with swirling eye contacts
  • Any type of masked costume where your eyes are visible

As you can see, the possibilities are endless here.  With so many styles and types of white colored contact lenses to choose from, you’ll never run out of Halloween costume ideas.  The secret is to get creative.  Think of any type of costume and then ask yourself, “Would something different with my eyes enhance this look?” If the answer is yes, consider choosing white colored contact lenses.

What will the Most Popular Halloween Costumes be This Year?

So, if you’re looking to choose a costume to go with white contact lenses, here’s what we suggest:  Pick a costume depending on not only your likes, but your level of creativity.  While it’s easy to dress up as a Walking Dead zombie with white contact lenses, the show is extremely popular so you might be with a whole horde of other zombies at any party.  That can be pretty cool if you organize a zombie walk, but if you’re not willing to go all out with your makeup and clothes, you might look cheesy standing next to someone who does go all out.

If you’d rather stand out from the sea of similarity, go with your own costume idea and stay away from popular Halloween costumes or think outside the box.  For instance, why not be a meth head from Breaking Bad with white colored contact lenses that gloss your eyes over.

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