Have A Happy Crafty Christmas

It’s that time of year again. The pre-Christmas calm before the storm. The supermarkets have just started putting out a few festive items on the shelves, the odd bag of chocolate coins here, a giant tub of Quality Street there – but nobody seems to have noticed yet.

Apart from me. I love everything about Christmas, from the delicious seasonal fare to the glittering tree lights, carols and stockings crammed full of gifts – I am a sucker for Christmas, I really am. If I could get away with it, I’d be sporting my snowflake jumper and flashing Rudolph antlers from the end of October.

One of the main reasons I find Christmas a time of great comfort and joy, is its huge potential for craft related fun. Creating hand made craft items at Christmas is so satisfying and it means I can produce a huge range of personal gifts for my wide circle of family and friends. I make sure to order all my art and craft supplies early so that I have ample time to come up with designs for something really special.

Have A Happy Crafty Christmas

Christmas Card Crazy

The main ingredient of my first art and craft supplies order for the festive season is usually all the stuff I need for putting together my hand-made Christmas cards. I am crazy about making my own seasonal greetings cards, devising my own unique designs. Every year I try new ideas, develop old themes and experiment with fresh techniques. And every year my Christmas card list grows longer, but I really don’t mind because I love card craft so much – the more the merrier! I have found the best online supplier for card making supplies who can provide range and quantity in the components I need – so I am a very happy little Christmas elf. Any spare time I can grab, I disappear to my craft room and get busy putting together a personalised collection of Christmas cards that glow and glitter with festive flare.

Tree Decorations

Dressing the tree is one of my favourite Christmas moments. It’s more of an event, than a moment, to tell you the truth. Although I am a fully paid up member of the adult population, I’m afraid that when it comes to decorating the tree, I totally regress to my childhood. Fortunately, my own children have inherited my love for all things Christmas, and they enjoy helping out with making tree decorations. We buy MDF blanks from arts and craft suppliers and decorate shapes such as reindeer, snowflakes, holly and stars with all manner of paint, glitter, sequins and whatever else glitzy that we can lay our hands on. We also invest in a selection of plain polystyrene bells, cones, stars and spheres which we then proceed to bling up extravagantly, creating further cover for our pretty pine. When our tree is fully dressed, it practically groans under the weight of all the baubles, decorations and tinsel – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gorgeous Gifts

Nothing beats the satisfaction of creating gifts for the ones you love. Investing time and energy into making something that they will treasure, is what the Christmas magic is all about. Each year I check out the new ranges at my online art and craft supplies provider to see what fresh inspiration lies ahead – whether it’s papier maché blanks for trinket boxes, teddy bears, babushkas or chests, they are all awaiting unique customisation to transform them into desirable pieces. One of the main thrills I get making craft gifts as Christmas presents is the look on people’s faces when they tear off the paper – because the materials I source are of such great quality, they rarely believe it is something I have decorated myself.

Crafty Kids

Children adore all the ritual and excitement surrounding Christmas and getting them involved in craft projects is a great way of combining learning with fun. Many Christmas craft activities are open to young and old and with the great selection of blanks, templates and other materials available, the chances of hitting gold with a Christmas craft project are very high. Whether it’s knocking up some festive cards with specially pre-cut blanks or assembling the perfect Christmas wreath for Granny’s front door, these are activities that respond perfectly to the crafty, hand made approach – and will be received warmly.

So, if you want to have a happy, crafty Christmas and give all your friends and family unique, personalised gifts they’ll really appreciate, get organised now and start creating with some of the fantastic products available. Happy crafting Christmas!