Heavy Duty Construction Equipment Injuries

Crane Injuries Are Common In Construction

The usage of heavy duty construction equipment can increase the likelihood of on-site accidents, and certain types of heavy duty construction equipment are more likely to cause on-site accidents than others. By identifying any potential risks that heavy duty construction equipment poses, people more easily protect themselves against on-site construction accidents.

Crane Accidents

In the field of construction, one of the most common types of accidents is an accident involving a crane. There are a number of ways that a crane can cause an accident, and many very experienced crane drivers have had crane accidents.

A crane could tip over, and if it tips over, it can cause serious damage to anything that it hits. If a crane tips over, it can also cause anything that it is lifting to fall as well, and this can cause damage or injuries.

Another common type of accident involving a crane can occur when a crane hits electrical wires. If a crane hits an electrical wire, the operator and anyone who may be standing near the crane can sustain injuries as a result of electrocution. Power lines can carry a high level of electricity, and the electricity can do serious damage if a crane comes into contact with electrical wires.

Backhoe Accidents

Backhoe accidents usually occur when a person gets struck with a backhoe while digging. This happens fairly frequently during certain types of construction jobs, and when a person is hit by a backhoe machine, it can cause serious injuries.

Bulldozer Accidents

Bulldozers can do serious damage in an accident, and a person should always handle a bulldozer very carefully. Due to the weight of the machine, any injuries that are sustained as a result of a bulldozer accident can be quite serious. When operating a bulldozer, a person should always be completely aware of their surroundings in order to avoid and prevent an accident.

Skid Steer Loader And Front-End Loader Accidents

These accidents can be quite common in a construction setting. A person could be crushed by the machine if it tips over, or they could be run over when they are exiting the machine. In addition, a person could be crushed by the lift arm, and this can cause serious injuries very quickly.

In order to ensure that a rollover doesn’t occur, a person must always follow the instructions when driving a skid steer loader or a front-end loader, and they should drive around corners very carefully.

There is a correlation between heavy duty construction equipment and on-site accidents. Some of the on-site accidents that can occur include crane accidents, backhoe accidents, bulldozer accidents, skid steer loader accidents and front-end loader accidents.

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