Melon Diet

I suggest 5 days melon menu to take full advantage of the antioxidant properties of this fruit. Eat slowly and chew well. Brain have 15 minutes to realize satiety, so if you eat too fast, the stomach is filled and the brain will still require food.

During this diet you can eat fish and chicken meat, rice, mushrooms, cheese, yogurt, boiled eggs, cabbage and green beans. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids: water, fruit teas and fresh juices.
water melon
Day 1

# Breakfast: half a cantaloupe, a yogurt with 20 g of oat flakes;
# Lunch; 150 g cooked chicken meat, 200 g green beans and a slice of melon;
# Dinner: scrambled eggs, 30 grams of rice with tomato sauce and a slice of melon.

Day 2

# Breakfast: 20 g cheese with a slice of bread and half a melon;
# Lunch: a salad of cabbage with boiled chicken and a slice of melon;
# Dinner: Mushrooms cooked in a frying pan without oil, and melon.

Day 3

# Breakfast: a boiled egg with a slice of toast and any amount of melon;
# Lunch: vegetable soup, 100 g boiled beef, 2 boiled potatoes;
# Dinner: melon heart’s content.

Day 4

# Breakfast: a cup of milk, 30g of oatmeal and a slice of melon;
# Lunch: 2 tomatoes stuffed with rice and boiled chicken;
# Supper: a large vegetable salad and a slice of melon.

Day 5

# Breakfast: cantaloupe and any amount of melon;
# Lunch: 200 g fish, 30 g rice with tomato sauce;
# Dinner: 30 grams of boiled rice with mushrooms and tomato sauce, a slice of melon.

The recommendation is to keep this diet for 10 consecutive days. If you like melon diet, you will enjoy melon cure diet!