Hosting A Wedding Shower: 5 Delicacies You Can Serve

Hosting A Wedding Shower: 5 Delicacies You Can ServeWedding showers are one of the most popular events to celebrate the soon to be married couple, complete with beautiful decorations and food that will impress the guests. By serving a few delicacies, it can make for a memorable experience that will leave the happy couple thankful that you were the one to host their shower.

1. Champagne

Champagne is perhaps the most celebratory beverage in the world, a fun way to make toasts and enjoy a high-quality wine that is delicious and can easily be paired with appetizers. To serve the bubbly fun drinks in the warmer seasons or for an outdoor shower, champagne can be mixed in a commercial grade blender for fun and flavored cocktails. Choose champagne that comes right from France for the best quality and flavor.

2. Civet Coffee

This gourmet coffee will make any shower more regal, known as the most expensive coffee in the world as it contains civet excrement from Asia, working to ferment the coffee beans and create a dark and smooth coffee that is unique in flavor. This can be served for a wedding shower brunch that is hosted earlier in the day.

3. Oysters

Any wedding shower immediately receives an upgrade once seafood is served for the guests. Raw oysters are considered a delicacy, served both cooked and raw. The food will serve as an easy appetizer for the shower with half of the shells on ice. They’re also served throughout the year and are no longer a seasonal type of food, making them easy to include in any menu at a wedding shower. Keep the flavor from spilling out of the shell and serve with mignonette, lemon juice, or even hot sauce.

4. Macarons

Considered one of the most challenging French pastries to make for bakers, this delicacy is both decadent and delicious, made of egg whites, almond meal, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract. Macarons come in a variety of flavors and colors, creating a beautiful display at any shower that can highlight the wedding’s main colors and look aesthetically pleasing with the chosen decor.

5. Kouign Amann

For a lavish and exquisite cake that can be served, Kouign Amann is a rich Bretton butter cake from the west of France that is similar to puff pastry. The main ingredients include butter, bread dough, and caramelized sugar for an incredible dessert that has continued to be served since 1860.