How A Style Consultant Can Turn You Into A Wow Wonder?

The one truth that stares you in the face is—people judge you as soon as you meet them. It is a matter of minutes of meeting an acquaintance, when he/she begins framing opinions about you. Therefore, the first impression that comes from how you appear externally is often the last. Be it a cocktail party or a business event, you are bound to meet a stream of people who are dressed immaculately. From official party appearances to wedding parties, making the right style statement is vital. Hiring a style consultant is the best bet to make if you are not confident in making a stylish splash in public, all by yourself.

Why Hire a Style-consulting Professional?

A style consultant is a professional specializing in handling the personal image of an individual. Before you dismiss the idea of hiring on as extravagant and “all-too-celeb-status like”, remembering that style consultants can fit the bill for all budgets will help! You can schedule an appointment with a style consultant to understand the nuances of how he or she will help you dress in the right manner. A major advantage of hiring style consultants is that they are the best resource to decide what suits your body and image. A business executive will need an image way different from a hair stylist.

The sense of style and the way you dress up forms a major part of impressing clients positively. From offering advice on choosing the right outfit to even helping you apply the right make up, style consultants are a blessing in ways more than one. Promoting your personal image in a positive light becomes easier with an image consultant at your aid.

In case you decide to work with a consultant for working your style statement right, start with a session to discuss your comfort zones when it comes to dressing. Moreover, it is necessary to give your consultant a clear idea of your profession and social standing. This helps the style consulting professional frame an idea about what will suit your needs and image. These consultants are individual contractors who work directly with clients on a package basis. For instance, some may offer advice on dress and hair styling at a fixed price. Again, few other consultants might even help you shop around for dresses and accessories besides offering tips on your business image. Of course, the number of services you expect from a style consultation professional is directly proportional to the rates they will demand.

An End Note on the Style Consultation Story

A large number of individuals try enhancing their appearance and image by blindly following style magazine tips. Some even join grooming sessions, personality development courses and the like. However, theoretical coaching cannot be a solution for revamping your appearance practically. Style consultants offer comprehensive solutions to market your sense of style on a positive note. They possess right insight and understanding about style being a combination of several factors. Get in touch with one and see how you go from average looking to a wow wonder who turns onlookers green!

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This blog has been written by Harshit who writes on various business domains including Fashion and Style consultant.