How Bathroom Equipment and Cutlery Can Help Disabled People in Their Lives

For many people with disabilities or mobility issues, the problems with bathing and eating are two of the most frustrating. Often there are small things that can make all the difference to a person’s success in eating and bathing. There are many aids available, and here are a few examples.

There are many different disabled bathroom aids and accessories that can aid in bathing.

  • Bath Lifts

These are seats that can be raised and lowered into the bath, they are lightweight and strong and you can take them with you if you travel.

  • Bath Seats

These are rigid seats that are placed in the bath. They do not raise and lower like bath lifts, but they are good if you have some mobility but have trouble getting out of the bath.

  • Shower Chairs

These are chairs that can be used when in the shower if standing is difficult. They are made from plastic with stainless steel legs and have rubberised feet to stop slipping.

  • Grab Rails

For those who can stand, but need a little extra support, grab rails are a very important addition. They attach to the wall in the shower or bath, and are there to help with moving around.

  • Bath Shorteners

These are plastic bath inserts that are fitted to one end of the bath. They are designed to stop people from slipping down in the bath. In this end, there are also rubber mats that can be placed in the bath to also prevent slipping.

  • Other Bath Accessories

Other aids that can help with bathing are long handle brushes and pads, anti-slip spray and even inflatable baths.

For eating, there are a number of disabled cutlery aids that can help

  • Cutlery

There is a wide range of cutlery for disabled available now that can help with eating. Some have shaped knives and spoons that make using them easier.

cutlery for disabled

  • Build-Up tapes

This is another option to specially designed cutlery. Build-up tapes are specially designed rubberised tapes that help to build up the handles on standard cutlery. This can be beneficial to those who have problems with gripping.

  • Knife and Fork Combination

Particularly good for those who have the use of only one hand, it is a fork with one side slightly sharpened so that you can cut like a knife.

All of these and more can help to make a real difference to disabled people.