How Does A Ginger Handle The Sun?

As a ginger, this blogger understands the importance of being protected against the sun’s ultraviolent rays. Given my experience, any exposure to the sun for an elongated period of time will usually result in a cold bath of aloe, and science indicates that this isn’t an accident. According to David Fisher, a cancer biologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, red heads have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to protection against the sun.

Due to a genetic mutation, red heads produce a form of melanin that is different from their darker haired counterparts. Called pheomelanin, this pigment is not as good at preventing the sun’s ultraviolent rays from doing damage to the skin. In fact, red heads don’t even need sunlight to get melanoma as the pigment itself was responsible for the cancer. While scientists aren’t sure yet how much more likely red heads are able to contract skin cancer over other fair-skinned people, the results do indicate that red heads should spend special attention to staying away from the sun.

How Does A Ginger Handle The Sun

So with that in mind, what does a ginger do during the summer? Here are some things that come to mind:

Take a Vitamin D Supplement:

We’ve all heard that the best and cheapest way for humans to get their daily dose of Vitamin D is to get some exposure to the sun. While this is true, it isn’t the only way. For those more prone to melanoma, a Vitamin D supplement can work too to get this all too important vitamin. If you’re not keen on swallowing a pill, there are a number of cereals and other food sources of Vitamin D that one might want to consider to avoid the risks of sun exposure.

Use the Proper Sunscreen:

If you are exposed to the skin for whatever reason and you’re fair-skinned, sunscreen is a must. Even if it’s a cloudy day, you can still be exposed to damaging UV rays. However, the type of sunscreen matters here too. Too many sunscreens are dependent on chemicals, which aren’t environmentally sustainable and may be less able to reflect the sun’s rays over natural ingredients. A natural sunscreen that avoids using chemicals and relies solely on natural components can be better able to prevent absorption of free radicals. Make sure to look for a sunscreen that has titanium oxide and zinc oxide.

Wear the Right Clothing:  

The clothes you wear matters. If you are prone to sunburns and are fair-skinned, there’s no harm in wearing long pants and long sleeve t-shirts to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Hats are another must as sunburn on the scalp is quite common. There’s no doubt that one of the most painful experiences of this ginger’s life has been sunburn to the top of his head.

Stay in the Shade:

If you’re at a barbecue or at the beach, make sure to head for the shade when you can. Pack an umbrella when you go the beach and look for a tree in the backyard if you’re at a summer party. By avoiding the sun through shade, you can partake in all of the activities that make summer great.

There’s no doubt that fair-skinned people, like gingers, have to pay special attention to the sun when they’re outdoors during the summer. By incorporating these and other protective measures, you should be able to have fun this summer without the risks associated with the season.  

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