How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

Most people used to know bed bugs simply from that old rhyme, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” They thought bed bugs were something out of a fairy tale or nursery rhyme, the way we think of curds and whey and tuffetts.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are now a real-life issue in America these days. The bugs are running amok more than ever these days. There are a variety of reasons for that, from lack of awareness to the banning of DDT to increased international travel. All of that means is that you may end up with bed bugs in your home even if you keep a clean apartment or house. Bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness – instead, the bugs can hitch a ride on your clothing or bags or even you library books and head into your home.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment can Take Care of the Issue

So what can you do if your home has bed bugs? First of all, you need to make sure that you actually have bed bugs in your home, and not something else. (Allergies or other bugs could give symptoms of bed bug infestation.) You can do that by having a bed bug inspector, preferably with a bed bug dog, checking out your business.

Second, if you do have bed bugs, then you should consider heat treatment for bed bugs. It is a safe, non toxic way of treating the issue. Instead of bringing harmful chemicals into your home, you can have the heat treatment for bed bugs kill the bugs and protect your home. Also, keep in mind that the heat treatment will also help you if your business is infested – companies like Bed Bug Finders LLC treat businesses, as well as residences.

How the Process is Done

So how does the heat treatment for bed bugs work? It is a bunch of hot air – literally. Here’s the way it works with Bed Bug Finders, a top bed bug company. Their Heatreat method of killing bed bugs works this way – a discreet, unmarked truck shows up at the person’s home or business. The truck is unlabeled to limit any embarrassment.

The truck is fueled by a green bio diesel fuel in order to safely and economically operate and be good for the environment. There is also a chimney in the truck to keep things safe. The hose goes from the truck to the home and pumps in hot air through a window or door in your residence or business. The hot air in the Heatreat method kills the bed bugs safely, and without any environmental impact. The air remains safe and breathable.

Did you know that if you have clothing infested with bed bugs, if you put them in the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat, the temperature will kill the bed bugs? It generally takes a 118 degree temperature to kill the pests. That is the principle behind the heat treatment for bed bugs.

With the heat treatment for bed bugs, using the heat will not just safely kill the bed bugs, but it can also potentially keep you from having to replace your bed or furniture. That may be a big relief – instead of having to worry that the bugs will mean having to trash all of your bedding, things may be salvageable. The bigger relief, though, is life without bed bugs, thanks to a successful heat treatment application.

 Lisa Swan writes for a variety of blogs and websites.