How Floor Scrubbers Will Make Your Flooring Look Immaculately Clean

If you want the flooring in your home to look immaculately clean, then you will need to use an automatic floor scrubber. This piece of machinery with clean your floor much better than you could using a mop and bucket. It will also save you time and effort as you will not have to manually scrub stains yourself!

How Floor Scrubbers Will Make Your Flooring Look Immaculately Clean

Today floor scrubbers come in a variety of styles and sizes. They can clean just about any kind of floor surface from hard tiles to laminate. You operate floor scrubbers just like you would a lawn mower, standing behind it to push and guide it along. In this article we will explain how floor scrubbers work and how using one will make your flooring look immaculately clean.

Step One – the Solution

Before you use a floor scrubber you will need to give your flooring a sweep or vacuum. This will help to remove any excess dirt and dust. You then need to fill the floor scrubber with warm water and your chosen detergent. The floor scrubber will then spray it onto the floor using its powerful jets.

Step Two – Scrubbing

The solution will already have begun to lift the stains so the next step is to scrub it in. In order to do this you will need to push the floor scrubber around the floor, starting at the edge and working into the middle. The floor scrubber will vibrate and use its set of rotary brushes to remove dirt and grime, quickly and efficiently.

Step Three – Vacuuming

In order to remove the liquid solution and dirt from the floor, most automatic floor scrubbers have a strong vacuum. This helps to dry the floor and prevents damage from excess moisture.

Floor Types

Floor scrubbers can be used on all sorts of floor types including hard tiles, linoleum, cement and hard wood flooring. Although these can all be cleaned with a mop, if you want to give them a deep clean it is best to use an automatic floor scrubber. In order to achieve the best results you will probably want to thoroughly clean your floors using a floor scrubber every couple of months. Pet owners and those with children may find that they need to clean their floors more frequently in order to remove dirty foot prints and accidental spillages.

Renting a Floor Scrubber

Seeing as you only need to use a floor scrubber every couple of months, it makes sense to hire one out, rather than buying one outright. Automatic floor scrubbers can be very expensive and also hard to store, so hiring one out is definitely beneficial.

How Floor Scrubbers Will Make Your Flooring Look Immaculately Clean

There is no point in spending lots of money on something you will only use every so often, when you can simply hire one out and have it delivered and picked up straight from your door! Today there are a variety of sizes and styles of floor scrubbers available. If you are cleaning a floor in your home, you are likely to only need a small model, whereas those cleaning large surface areas may benefit from using higher spec ‘ride-on’ models. Just find a hire company in your area, e.g. type Plymouth tool hire and you should have a variety of companies and deals to choose from.


Automatic floor scrubbers provide a quick and easy way to clean floor surfaces. There is no longer a need to tire yourself out, scrubbing stains off your floor on your hands and knees. Using an automatic floor scrubber will achieve better results in just a fraction of the time it would take you to clean the floor with a mop and bucket. If you want your flooring to look immaculately clean, whether it is hard tiles, wooden or laminate, then using an automatic floor scrubber is the best way to achieve this.