How Good Sports Bras Positively Affect Breast Health

Taking up running, jogging, dancing or a team sport is undeniably a great thing to do for your body and your overall wellbeing, however if you don’t get properly kitted out with a good sports bra, it can actually be a very damaging thing for your breasts. While many women thing a sports bra is only important if your breasts are on the large side, or if you are doing very high intensity exercise over long periods, it is actually something every woman needs before engaging in most sports or workouts. Here we take a look at why sports bras are so important, and how to make sure yours is the right fit.

How Good Sports Bras Positively Affect Breast Health

Why Is A Sports Bra Important?

The ligaments that connect breast tissue to the body are not especially elastic. That is, they will stretch, but when they do, they will not return to their original size. When you run, dance, jump or perform any activity where the breast tissue moves, this pulls on these ligaments (known medically as ‘Cooper’s ligaments’) and can cause them to permanently stretch. This can quite quickly cause your breasts to become misshapen, in a way that can’t be corrected without surgery. The skin can also be stretched as your breasts move (particularly in older women), which can lead to further sagging. Remember that there is no muscle tissue in the breasts, and so no amount of toning exercises can firm them up or fix a problem once it has occurred.

No matter how small your breasts are, because of the lack of muscle there, if you have any breast tissue at all it will still move around as you move. This means that every woman, from the start of puberty onwards, should never exercise without one.

Getting A Good Fit

The important thing about a sports bra is that it needs to stop movement of your breasts without restricting your breathing or causing discomfort. You should always try on a sports bra rather than just buying one off the rack in what you think is your size. You need it to fit so that the wiring sits against your ribcage, rather than digging into your breasts, and there is no movement of the band up or down your body when you move. You can test this by raising your arms above your head – if the bra rides up, you need a smaller one.

Finding the right sports bra is something you need to do before taking up any new kind of exercise regime. It is vital to the long term health and appearance of your breasts, and will also make all of your workouts a far more comfortable experience.


Since diet plays a crucial role in the general wellbeing of women, especially whose bodies undergo significant changes as they get older, it’s particularly important to eat well.  Most any sports brassiere works wonders for women seeking reprieve from cancerous pains, yet visiting super doctors like Dr Adams could prove the level of care and expertise for women wanting to conquer breast cancer for good.