How Hardener/Densifiers Stop Dusting On Concrete Floors

Sweeping the concrete flooring can sometimes be a tough task as there is always more dust to be cleaned. Making for a tedious and dull task to accomplish, the job of floor cleaning appears to be undoubtedly a pain for all. In earlier days, the flooring was done with help of combined application of lithium-silicate which worked as a floor densifier. However in modern age, various new technologies and techniques are used to harden a floor so that it is durable and hard enough to withstand heavy weight without effort or struggle.

Polished Concrete Flooring Hardener or Densifier

Widely used in modern age, polished concrete flooring is the process that comprise of a complete solution of polishing, grinding and adding smashed hard stone in its down surface. From leveling of the sealers and hardener in a polished and densified manner, this flooring process is widely used in economical, commercial and residential purposes.


Concrete flooring that is not treated with hardeners are really tough to maintain and clean as they look ugly when dried up. In order to treat your floor in a decorative as well as effective manner, there are lots of hardeners and densifiers available in the market that makes it dust proof in an easy way. Available in many innovative flooring options, the Xtreme Polishing Concrete Densifier not only adds to the beauty of the space but also makes for an environment friendly help that decreases pollution rightly. Affordable and easy on the pocket also, this cost effective strategy is speedily gaining prominence in various housing needs, be it warehouses, decorative needs or retail space.

Things to Look for When Purchasing Floor Hardeners

As you also plan to use floor hardeners to make your space look tidy, less polluted and sturdy at its best, there are some basic things as stated below to consider before finalizing your purchase.

Easy application process either through brush or spray. Quick drying facility. Able to harden the floor appropriately in accordance to the scaling of Mohs. Professional support and assistance from the manufacturing firm.

Treating your floors with Xtreme polishing concrete densifier is one of the best ways to bank on as it penetrates inside the concrete base and makes it durable and strong enough to resist abrasion and friction. From factories to garages and personal homes, everywhere concrete floor hardeners are used nowadays to ensure the finest quality help in financial limitations.

How hardeners/densifiers work on the concrete flooring?

As you use floor hardener at your home or office, know that it starts reacting with the soft chemical components of calcium hydroxide to get transferred into solid calcium silicate hydrate. Known for its tough and concrete exterior, calcium silicate hydrate gives the surface a dense and hard structure that is devoid of any excess dust.

Benefits of Using Polishing Concrete Densifier

Before you use any densifier for floor strengthening purpose, it is suggested that you know about the advantages and benefits that you get to avail of it. There are lots of benefits that are associated with floor hardener which includes the following:

It keeps the floor away from extra dust. It makes the surface look decorative and clean. It adds to the environment friendly factor. It reduces the maintenance cost of concrete flooring.

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