How Popular Is Working From Home?

It is a mad rat race to get to the top indeed. Everyone wants a piece of the American dream, a shot at success, fulfillment and stability. But what you also want is time- time with your families, time for yourself, time to breathe, time to unwind. Work-from-home jobs have made it possible to just that in fact, and as the demand for work-from-home jobs increases, I asked 500 people aged 21 and over in an online survey what they thought about working from home and here is what they said!

How Popular Is Working From Home?

A Look at Figures…

It’s no news that in the current age of the Internet there information comes easy. Things have become a lot more accessible than they were ever before. So it came as no surprise when the survey revealed that 14 percent of these people already had work-from-home jobs.

Who these People are…

  • College students looking to earn money
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Introverts who flourish when they work in isolation
  • Disabled people who might not be able to commute to work
  • Retired people looking to earn additional income
  • Military spouses who need to move frequently but want to continue working
  • Parents looking to spend more time with their families and children

Why more and more People Prefer to Work from Home…

31 percent said that they actually preferred working from home as opposed to working full-time 9-5 jobs. And if you think about it, it’s fairly simple really- fewer people want to be holed up in cubicles or be lifetime commuters, spending most of their times shuttling to and from work.

Millenials don’t want to be tied down to full-time jobs and crave the flexibility and freedom stay-at-home jobs might give them. Introverts might prefer deadline-oriented jobs where they can work freely in a distraction-free environment and focus on the task at hand. Stay-at-home moms and military spouses might want to find a way to contribute to the family income, without having to worry about making a choice between family and work.

Working from home gives people a chance to reduce overhead expenses, gives people the flexibility to work at a time and a place most convenient to them, gives employers the chance to hire talented employees who they might not have access to locally, and most importantly helps retain employees.

What it Takes to be Successful at a Stay-at-home Job…

Could working from home actually increase productivity? 27 percent people said yes. People opined that working from home saves not just money, but time as well; time that could be used to get work done instead of spending it getting to work and back. But that brings up a more pertinent question: is it possible to work from home efficiently in spite of obvious distractions? 36 percent of the people said it was possible. While working from home does require self-motivation, discipline and job skills, it is possible to dedicate a certain amount of undivided attention everyday to your stay-at-home job. You can set up a home office or create deadlines that will help you stay focused and undistracted.

Where you can find Credible Work and Training…

In the recent times, stay-at-home jobs have seen an increased demand. From the healthcare to IT, technology to creativity, credible stay at-home jobs are springing up everywhere. Websites like WAHM post work-from home job opportunities and resources for stay-at-home moms. Then there are those like Flexjobs that for a small registration fee give you access to a wide database of legitimate stay-at-home jobs. Let’s say you’re looking to become a medical transcriptionist or a medical coder biller, you can get the training required through well-established online institutes such as CareerStep. Always be sure to do your research well.

But we’re going to have to agree with the 42 percent of voters who thought that working from home will be the norm in future. Working from home is gaining popularity fast and by the looks of it, very soon every other person will be working from home one day!