How Should You Proceed For A Property Claim Settlement

A real estate developer has to take several legal decisions for each of their projects, right from the time of site acquisition to land use, from condominium and construction and architectural contracts. The real estate market is an extremely competitive one and developers are constantly trying to outdo each other in order to get the best real estate deals. The right to develop, own, use and the sale and purchase of real estate often involves a complex litigation procedure. For example, if you are purchasing a property then you need to hire the services. There are many real estate directories list which are providing useful information for finding of real estate attorney.


What should you do if there is a major loss incurred due to property damage, say for any natural calamities or theft or any unidentified reason.

The only thing you can and should do is Property claim settlement. Here are the clues to some commonly asked questions on property claim issues.

What to do if my property is at loss?

  • First and foremost protect your remaining property from further damages.

  • Take photographs or record videos of the damaged place.

  • Inform your insurance company about the loss. Most of the insurance companies have toll free number and their own claims receiving departments to answer your case.  Be alert while speaking to the insurance agent as each of your conversations is going to be recorded.

  • Once you present your claims to the insurance company successfully, a claim adjuster will come to you and assess the loss.

How do I value my claim?

The price of your claim depends on various factors and only the experts can decide the reasonable and fair amount.

If I am not satisfied with the claim settlement offered by the company?

In general once your case is settled, the insurance agent will come to you with a release form to be signed by you. If you negate the adjustments just avoid signing on it. In that case you need to hire your own adjuster or get a property claim attorney involved into your case to resolve the dispute.

Does the Insurance Company have stipulated time frame to complete the settlement and adjust the claim?

In most of the states there are certain common standards maintained by every insurance companies. This is to treat your cases in fair and reasonable ways. But unfortunately insurance companies have to deal with number of lawsuits filed in bad faith.

Similarly, you may have loads of queries to get resolved and running short of time to handle those of your own. The best option is to look for a reliable and professional property claim attorney from your locality for further assistance. You may also visit real estate blogs to find the best attorney.