How the Sash Windows Helps in saving energy consumption


Sash windows are the windows which are made up of sliding panes with a single or double layer of glass panes or other such materials. The chief similarity in all these windows is that their panes are sliding and that too even in a small space. The double glaze type of these sash windows is that they make a double layer with dry air in between. Sometimes this layer of dryness is formed by the use of inert gases such as Argon. Due to this layer of dryness energy consumption is saved considerably in the house.

Save energy consumption by prevention of drought-like conditions – Around 25% of the total heat energy is lost from a house due to draughty conditions in certain parts of the house. You can stop this energy loss by equipping your home with sash windows at these places as these prevent cold winds and air to coming into your home. This in turn will prove beneficial to you on economic grounds too.

Preserves energy by keeping house warm– Due to presence of double layer of panes in a double glaze sash window, the loss of heat is less and hence energy is not  reduced considerably. It is because these windows don’t let cool air come in and make the room warmer in much less time. As a result, the energy consumption to heat the room is also reduced to a great extent.

Allows winter solar penetration– The sash windows allow the solar penetration in winter. Even double glazing does not stop solar radiations to penetrate in your home. As a result, the house becomes warmer in a natural way leading to less use of artificial or electrical warming devices. When electrical gadgets are used less the energy consumption is saved automatically.

Imparts cooling effect in summers– Similar to above mentioned point, when sash windows are covered with shading materials in summers, the effect of heat radiations is reduced considerably. It makes the room temperature fall down considerably and let it cool down in a lesser time. Consequently, the use of cooling devices and hence the energy involved to run them also reduces to a great extent.

Low emissivity saves energy consumption– The property of low emissivity attached to the glass used in sash windows also make it more useful. Such type of glass panes are made of metal oxide from the outside. This outer coating helps to keep the heat in and blocks out ultraviolet rays. As a result, a greater level of energy efficiency is achieved which in turn reduces consumption of energy from electrical or artificial sources.

As is clear from above-stated facts the sash windows are beneficial in saving energy consumption in numerous ways. The only thing to be kept in mind while installing them in your home or such other place is to use the appropriate type of sash window at suitable place. It can be done by taking the surrounding conditions into consideration. A well and suitably installed window will surely help you in saving your energy consumption and hence the associated costs too.