How To Accomplish Proper Stair Carpet Cleaning?

Just like a floor carpet, carpeted stairs also require consistent cleaning to help it last for a long period. Learn the proper instructions of stair carpet cleaning, as well as the advice and warnings.

How to Accomplish Proper Stair Carpet Cleaning?Since stairs are considered high traffic, anticipate seeing stains, spills, dents, and dirt from time to time. Whether the issue comes from family members, pets, or visitors, accidents can happen anytime to your carpeted stairs. Learning how to protect it is important and the best way to do it is through stair carpet cleaning.

Your carpeting on stairs adds texture, style, colour, and attraction to your house. Carpeting provides a great way to shield stairs to keep family members safe when going up and down. The problem associated with it is the accumulation of extreme dirt and dust. It is also difficult and time-consuming to clean the stairs. However, you can consider the effective and fast method of cleaning your carpeted stairs.


1. To remove large particles of debris on the carpet, get a stiff broom. Begin from the uppermost part of the stairs. Clean by sweeping each step from the top stair step down to the last one.

2. Use hand-held and cordless vacuum cleaner in getting rid of small debris and dirt. Stair carpet cleaning removes all those that got stuck on the carpet. Begin from the first top level of the stairs, vacuuming every step one after the other. Use a hose or brush roller attachment to reach dirt from every corner of the stair.

3. Prepare a shampoo to be used for the carpet. Mix hot water, castile soap, baking soda, distilled vinegar, peppermint oil, and lavender oil. Stir well the ingredients inside a bottle until all ingredients are completely mixed together.

4. From the top stair step, apply the shampoo on the carpet. Scrub the carpet with a brush so that carpet will be shampooed properly. Pay close attention to hard dirt and stains. After scrubbing, use the wet/dry vacuum machine to get rid of the left over water. Do the same procedure for each and every step down to the last one. If you have no wet/dry machine, get a thick towel so it can absorb any excess water. Allow all the steps to get dried for twelve hours or more.

5. Use hand-held vacuum machine to check again the stairs. Find out if the whole stair carpet is fully dried.

Advice and Warning

1. If you are in a rush and you can’t shampoo your stair carpet, then use the steam cleaner for the carpet. Rent a steam cleaner with hose from a home improvement shop. Use the steam cleaner the way vacuum cleaner is used. Always begin from the top step then work it down to the bottom step of the stairs.

2. Test a portion of the carpet before using the shampoo. Learn how the fibres react to the solution you want to use.

3. Implement a shoe-off rule inside the house. Take off shoes before getting indoors to make sure that carpet won’t get dirty from footwear.

4. Make sure that stair carpet is regularly cleaned because smell, dirt, and stain become permanent if unattended for a long time.

Carpeted stairs are quieter and safer to use. Carpet causes the worn steps to look better. It helps prevent possible harm and injury. Most importantly, you get the most of it if you clean the carpet regularly—either by yourself or by a hired specialist.