How To: Arrange Furniture In Your Home

Smart furniture arrangement can convert a boring, old space into something fresh and new. When it comes to furniture arrangement, most of us are guilty of playing it safe or trying to get the job over and done with as fast as we can, but with a little bit of consideration and planning we can create a wonderful new atmosphere in a room. Here are some tips on how to do this:

White room with blue and red furnishings

Tip #1- Focus on the Focal Point

What is the focal point of your room? That is, what do you want to draw everyone’s attention to? Maybe you have a piece of art that you want people to focus on, a gorgeous view of the landscape or a piece of furniture. Knowing what the focal point of a room is BEFORE you start arranging furniture is important, for obvious reasons.

Tip #2- Create a Path

Creating a path for human traffic to move through the room is important. It all comes down to the practical side of arranging furniture.

You want to create a wonderful new atmosphere, but you also want to be able to get in and out of the room without too much effort. Allowing everyone in the room to have access to the focal point of the room is also a point to consider.

To be able to create a path for human traffic you may need to ditch some of the clutter you have in your room.

Another option, depending on the space you have to work with, is to use furniture as a room divider, allowing you to divide the room into different sections which you then can allocate to a particular function (for example, a reading area may be separated from the area where you watch TV).

Tip #3-  Plan and Play

One of the best ways to plan out your room without any of the sweat and tears is to measure your room and furniture and create a ‘paper version’ of them. This allows you to try out a few different arrangements and see what you like best, or what works well for the space you have.

Tip #4- Throw all Your Conventional Arrangement Ideas Away

Live on the edge… be a little bit of a rule breaker! If you don’t want to put your furniture against the wall- don’t! if you don’t want to have all your major furniture pieces centred in the room- don’t!

It’s your house, your rooms and your furniture so feel free to arrange things the way you want. If it makes you happy, then why worry about trying to follow the cookie cutter rules for arranging furniture?

A Side Note To Consider- Invest in Some Smart Furniture Pieces

Bet you’re wondering what is meant by ‘smart furniture’, aren’t you? Well smart furniture means furniture pieces that serve multiple functions. This could be something as big as sofa beds (serving as a seating and bedding option) to something as small as an ottoman (serving as a seating and storage option).

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