How to Choose Furniture Your Young Children Won’t Destroy

Long gone are the days when you have to worry about your furniture being destroyed by your children. While you’ll still need to keep rules in place, furniture is being made in a way that will keep it safe from children. Whether it’s the fabric or the material, child safe furniture is easy to find.
living room

Choose Furniture with Stain Free Fabric

The biggest worry of parents is their child staining the furniture. The good news is that a number of companies now offer furniture covered in stain free fabric. All you need to do is wipe down the area where the mess occurred. Things like Kool Aid wipe up without saturating or discoloring the fabric. It’s a must for parents with small children.

Purchase Furniture with a Water Resistant Finish

Another must are end tables and coffee tables covered in water resistant finishes. These finishes will protect your furniture anytime your child forgets to use a coaster, which many parents claim happens daily. Of course, if you want do something modern with your living room, you can choose plastic or thick glass tables in modern designs.

Opt for Real Wood Furniture

The last thing you want with children in the house is particle board furniture. These cheap pieces will quickly be torn apart by rambunctious children. Not to mention that particle board will quickly suck up moisture from cans of soda. This causes the furniture to swell and become flimsy. Only purchase pieces made with particle board if you know your children will cause a lot of wear to the pieces and you plan to replace them frequently.

Shop for Sturdy Pieces

Sturdy pieces of furniture are a must, especially with children in the climbing stage. The last thing you want is a flimsy storage cabinet that buckles and falls on your child. Heavy pieces of solid wood furniture and soft furniture with solid wooden frames and essential for homes with young children.

Buy Cheap When Necessary

Last, but not least, for pieces that will be used solely by children, purchase inexpensive pieces that can be damaged without worry. For example, purchase young children second hand desks that can be splattered with paint and other craft supplies.

A home filled with expensive furniture can be a nightmare for parents with young children. The good news is that you can find pieces that are meant to withstand the antics of small kids, even from sites like The key is to buy sturdy wooden furniture and pieces that are covered in stain free fabrics and coatings. This ensures that your furniture lasts for years to come.