How To Create A Backyard Fit For Hosting

As the weather warms and winter lets out its last, nippy breath, thoughts of entertaining friends and family in the great outdoors of our backyards are sending husbands and housewives everywhere out to make preparations. Everything from barbeques, to impromptu picnics to games of croquet and tennis will provide opportunities to share fun time with loved ones and soak up some much needed vitamin D. But is your backyard ready for your entertainment needs? These tips will ensure that your outdoor adventures are not spoiled by less-than-desirable scenery or unwelcome critters.

Gopher Holes – A Treacherous Twist

Gopher holes aren’t just annoying. Those pesky little critters leave treacherous holes all over a yard, just waiting to trip an unsuspecting visitor or twist a child’s ankle. But try as we might, these bothersome beasts keep coming back to wreak their havoc. Rather than spending all of your energy trying to gas them, drown them, poison them or playing whack-a-mole with your favorite golf club, try releasing a welcome guest who thinks gophers are just the yummiest. Gopher snakes will clear a very large area before moving away and will often stay for a year of two if there is an ample supply of live goodies. Once the gophers are gone, just fill those pesky holes, pack them tight and thank your new buddy for all his good work.

How To Create A Backyard Fit For Hosting

Bug Off!

An unhealthy or poorly kept yard can become a breeding ground for unpleasant bugs that will surely ruin your outing. Prevent mosquitoes by eliminating all sources of stagnant water. Keep grass well-watered and thick to prevent ants. If you have a compost pile, keep it far away from your entertainment area. Keep trash cans covered and empty them often. Most importantly, keep your plants and shrubs healthy. Healthy plants and shrubs are less inviting to annoying pests. Consider a plant maintenance service, such as Arborcare Tree Service Ltd in Edmonton, that will treat all of your trees and shrubs from the ground up and year around to keep them thriving, beautiful and free of pests.

Don’t Forget the Shade

You don’t have to have an elaborate covered patio to enjoy a seat in a shady spot on a hot day. A gazebo, well-placed shade tree or vine-covered arbor or trellis will provide shade to key areas just as well while adding charm, color and character to your landscape. Consider creative ideas for cooling off, such as a small, shady coy pond or misting system as well. All of these things will add hours of enjoyment to your yard during hot, sunny days.

And don’t forget the most important preparation tip of all. Keep it simple. You don’t have to spend all of your money and time to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s hard to have fun if you are working yourself to the bone. So remember to relax, don’t over-do it, and don’t set goals that are difficult to obtain. Take time to enjoy your yard yourself, as well as sharing it with others.