How To Create The Ultimate Man Cave

Every guy needs their own sanctuary of rest and relaxation. You need a place to read books, watch movies, play arcade games and of course… sleep. This sanctuary I am talking about is called a man cave. This is a place of fun and excitement, a room to drink beer and kill time with your buddies. Some call these a secret hiding place, some call it a fort… but whatever you call it, there are certain ways to perfect it. So, if you are thinking about creating a man cave, listen up and take notes!
How To Create The Ultimate Man Cave
Paint, Pain and More Paint
When it comes to the paint color of your hangout, it should be simple, yet significant. Choose your favorite color, the color of your favorite sports team or even your college colors. Painting is an easy, cheap way to turn a plain room into something totally different. And don’t worry about the amount of time and work, that’s what your friends are for. Have you ever heard of a paint party? That’s the way to do it. Buy some pizza, some beer, invite some friends over and let the painting begin. Not only is work being done, you get to hang out with your friends AND save money at the same time!

Build A Bar
The best man caves always have bars. With a bar, there is no reason to ever leave this room. A bar also helps create a fun atmosphere, plus you can have parties at your house whenever you want. The only downside to a bar is… you may have to kick your friends out every once in a while, because they will never want to leave.

Spiff It Up With Décor
Every man cave needs some sort of décor. Whether it’s sports memorabilia, movie posters or light fixtures, the right decorations can turn an average room into the ultimate man cave. So, head out to the closest store, grab some posters, a few autograph pictures, maybe a couple beer signs, and you are on your way to the man cave of your dreams!

The Ultimate Home Theatre and Gaming Systems
Now this may be the most important step. Every hangout MUST have some sort of home theatre set up AND an action-packed arcade table. Whether you are watching action movies, shooting pool with friends or playing vintage Pac man… THIS is what will take your man cave to the next level!

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