How To Dress Your Sunday Best For Your Body Type

Most fashion magazines in the last few years havecovered the different body types of women. Most people know there are four types, but not everyone knows there are actually eight or twelve depending on where you look and if you count combinations. What you want to do is identify your body type and then dress accordingly to look your best for church on Sunday.

Body Types

The Straight Body Type is identifiable by the bust and hips being the same size. What you want to do to look your best is use separates as opposed to a one piece dress. Play up your waistline.

How To Dress Your Sunday Best For Your Body Type

A second body type is the Pear Body. This body type shows characteristics of the hips being wider than the bust. This is usually accompanied by a slim waistline. In order to look like you have a more hourglass figure, play up your upper body calling more attention to it than your hips. Mixing and matching separates works well with this body type as well. Use pleats in skirts or pants to tone down the hips. Another trick that makes this look good is shoulder pads. They tend to increase your shoulders and top area and draws eyes away from your hips.

Third is the hourglass body type. Many feel that this is the ideal body type. The bust and hips appear to be the same size and the waist is pretty small. For this type of body, dress the top and bottom about the same, and play up your waist. Use a belt and remember everything is proportionate for this type of body. It’s great to wear V-necked shirts and slim skirts.

The oval body type, also called the apple, is one that a lot of us have. The area of the stomach and waist is larger than either the bust or the hips. What you want to do is downplay the waist. You want to play up your lower body. Draw attention to it and not your waist. If you want to wear a skirt or pants that have a zipper or clasp, find one that doesn’t close in the front, which can cause more bulk. Use a side or back catch.

Why know your Body Type?

The idea and importance behind identifying your body shape is that if you know your body type, you can use your clothes to play up your best features and downplay the not so great features. And let’s face it; everybody has something they’d rather not show off.

So if you know how to identify your body type, it makes shopping that much easier. You will know that an oval body type or apple body type, even though you absolutely adore that one piece dress, is probably not the best one for you. If you’re an hourglass figure, you know that you need to balance the top and bottom and maybe that power suit jacket with the pads in the shoulder is not going to balance out the way you want.

I mean, everyone has seen a dress that they adore, but when they try it on realize it’s just not for them.

Now, when it comes to church, everyone wants to dress in their Sunday best. That’s when we break out the big guns. So, when you are getting ready to purchase that new outfit for church on Sunday, consider your body type and then decide on that perfect hat or women’s church suit.

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Written by Farnaz Imani.