How To Epically Furnish Your Mancave: The Bathroom

Epically furnish your Mancave: The Bathroom
As a bachelor, furnishing your apartment or home may not be your top priority, but unless you want to sit on blow-up furniture and have posters of movies hanging on your walls, you might want to consider the style of your living quarters. One oft-neglected area of the home is the bathroom. In a mancave, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to furnish effectively, especially if you plan to entertain women and have overnight guests. Use these tips to ensure your bathroom is equipped for any situation.
How To Epically Furnish Your Mancave The Bathroom
Grooming tools
Your personal grooming habits are essential, and your bathroom should house the appropriate items in an organized fashion. Get some high-quality shaving gear from a shaving store and keep it organized in cups laid out on the counter. Hold other grooming items, like brushes, combs, nail clippers, and soap in small containers in a cabinet. If you do not have cabinet space, you can purchase storage containers and place them on the counter.

Cleaning tools
Your bathroom should hold everything you need to keep it clean. Keep a supply of bathroom cleaner, mirror cleaner, air freshener, a toilet brush, plunger, gloves, rags or sponger, and other cleaning tools housed in a caddy under the sink. Keep extra trash liners in the cabinet and make sure the trashcan is emptied every day.

Essential supplies
Stock an extra supply of facial tissues, toilet paper, cotton swabs, and any other disposable goods that you use on a regular basis. When the toilet paper roll runs empty while you are using the toilet, you will thank yourself. Keep an extra supply of candles and cleaning supplies in your bathroom as well if you have space.

Decorative furnishings
Don’t neglect decorative furnishing in the bathroom just because you are a guy. Decorative elements can significantly improve the look of your bathroom. A few pieces of art on the walls can make a boring space more interesting. Choose coordinating bath mats, towels, and shower curtain to make the room comfortable. Place a few candles on surfaces to give the room a warm glow. Leave an open drawer or storage container for guests to use while they visit.

Supplies for guests
One bathroom essential that many men forget is to stock supplies for guests. Keep a stock of mini toiletries for visitors. You will also need two or three additional sets of towels, extra soap and shampoo, and some extra toothbrushes. If you often have female visitors, or a long-term girlfriend, stock some tampons or pads as well, just in case. You may also want to stock an extra hairdryer, brush, and other grooming tools just in case guests forget to bring these items or stay over unexpectedly.

If you follow the steps above, not only will you enjoy your bathroom more, but guests will also rave about the quality and comfort of your bathroom. With just a little effort, you can transform any bathroom space into a cozy area that provides comfort to all who use it.

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