How To Fix Common Garage Door Problems

After several years of closing and opening a garage door each day, you may start encountering a few problems. For example, your door doesn’t seem to be opening or closing as quickly as when you first purchased it. The tracks or railings may have become a lot noisier. Maybe the operation just doesn’t seem as smooth, or it sometimes gets jammed in the middle of opening or closing. And, to make things worse, your remote control is malfunctioning and not transmitting properly to the electronic opener.


Fortunately, completely replacing your door shouldn’t be your first option. There are minor problems that can be easily fixed with the right instruction and know-how. One of the most common garage door malfunctions are doors that stop midway as they close or open. This problem can be one of two things. If you have a garage door that is manual, the issue might be with the torsion springs. These can be replaced inexpensively. However, if your garage door is electronic, it’s possible there is a mechanism imbalance. To have this fixed, it’s recommended to call a professional garage door service. They can quickly make the necessary adjustment for you.

Garage door noises

A noisy electric garage door is another frequent occurrence among homeowners. Your railings or track may be dirty and simply require a good cleaning. To clean them up, use a rag to wipe away the dust and grime accumulation. The next step is to apply lubrication for smooth operation. Do not use a heavy motor oil or grease. Instead, use silicone spray as it will not attract future dirt the way most other lubricants do. It’s suggested to clean your track system every few months to keep your door gliding smoothly.

No response when using the remote

If your garage door opener stops responding to your remote control device, first make certain that the electric door is securely plugged into the wall outlet. If there is still no response, check to see if that particular wall outlet is operational by plugging in a small appliance. It’s possible there could be a problem with the electrical circuit. If the outlet is okay, then you’ll need to contact the opener manufacturer regarding your options, particularly if it’s still under warranty.

Garage stops half way

A garage door that doesn’t close properly, or only goes halfway and stops, may have something partially blocking the sensors. Ensure that there are not any objects in the beam’s path. Check to see if the infrared sensors work as they should. This can be done by placing your hands between the red lines. If the red light goes on and off and is not flickering, it is operating properly. If flickering, check for sensor alignment. Garage doors that malfunction due to a broken cable or spring should be examined and repaired by a professional. Garage doors are under tremendous pressure, and attempting to replace a spring can be extremely dangerous.

There are cases when garage doors close halfway and then reverse. This can be due to a number of reasons which include broken cables, misaligned sensors and dry rollers. Apply lubricant to all moving parts including the rollers and hinges. Garage doors that open or close without user intervention could be a depressed button on your remote, or a remote control battery that is almost dead. Usually, replacing the battery will solve the problem.

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