How to Get Victoria Pendleton’s Cycling Look

urlAs one of the most talked about figures of the London 2012 Olympics, Victoria Pendleton has become well known for her style as well as her sporting skills. She is often cited as one of Team GB’s most fashionable sportspeople, and it’s easy to see why. When she’s not donning her Olympic kit, she’s often spotted cycling laps around the competition in her stylish cycle gear. Check out our tips so that you can get Victoria Pendleton’s chic cycle look so you can look great while you get fit.


Victoria is known for her chic cycle jerseys. Women’s cycle jerseys have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, with sports clothing manufacturers finally cottoning onto the fact that just because we’re working out, we don’t want to stop looking good. Feeling good in your kit can motivate you to work out more. Victoria often goes for blues and reds, perhaps reminiscent of her Team GB performances, but there are all sorts of colourful designs available nowadays to suit all tastes.


As an indoor cyclist, Victoria doesn’t need to worry about the weather. That’s why she usually opts for elegant knee length cycle shorts or when competing, shorter hotpant-style shorts. She tends to go for darker fabrics such as black or navy, and these colours tend to give the appearance of longer, leaner limbs, so they are a good choice if you’re a little self-conscious about your body.


As for shoes, Victoria always opts for something super lightweight. This is the best option for cycling, as you need to allow some flexibility in the foot so that you can use the pedals comfortably. Your shoes should also have a lot of grip so that your feet aren’t constantly sliding around on the pedals while you ride. Victoria often goes for classic white, but has also been spotted in zingy, sporty neons which are good if you’re planning on cycling at night.

Complete the Look

To make the look truly Ms Pendleton, pull your hair up into a high ponytail. Not only is this elegant and effortless, it’s also very practical as it keeps hair out of your face. Just make sure that it isn’t so high that it affects the way your helmet fits. This slicked back look pulls it all together and makes you look the part. Finish off the look with a stylish sports watch, which is useful if you’re training or want to test yourself. Now all you need is the medal!