How To Hide Your Hideous Heat Pump

Have you just purchased a heat pump for your home? If so, are you looking for ways you can hide it? If you said yes, then read this post on ways you can hide your heat pump.

Heat pumps are placed outside. They’re used to heat homes during the winter months and cool them during the summer months. Talk to anyone that has them and they’ll rave about them.

What they won’t rave about is how ugly they are. Heat pumps generally look like a three foot by three foot steel block. Since they are placed outside the home, they are a big eye sore.

We want to help you from having an eye sore if your back yard. If you have kids, you also might want to read this and we’ll give you a few ways you can make your heat pump safe for your kids playing in the yard.

Box It Up

The easiest way to hide your heat pump is to build a box around it. This is also the safest way to make sure your kids or pets don’t damage it or hurt themselves on it. The key is to have the heat pump close to your home. Then you can blend your box into the siding and paint it the same color so it doesn’t stand out.

Also, be sure to give the heat pump air flow enough room to breath. Ideally, it’s best to two feet of extra room on all sides.

How To Hide Your Hideous Heat Pump


The next best way and a more natural option is to hide your heat pumps Victoria is by adding some nice landscaping around it. Bamboo bushes, shrubs or even little trees are a great way to make your heat pump look like it’s not even there.

Elevate It

This concept is really only going to be a safe solution as it won’t hide your heat pump. If you were to elevate it off the ground about 5 feet, you could solve it being at ground height so your children or pets don’t run into it.

Fence It Off

The last option is to place the heat pump around a side of your house that has a fenced off area on both sides. This means it could be completely closed off on both sides so no one will see it from the back or front yards and since it’s fenced off, the kids won’t play back there.

If you haven’t taken the step of buying a heat pump yet and are just looking for ways you might hide it, we encourage you to check out Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration. They’re true professionals with 10 years experience.