How To Improve Your Appearance By Improving The Appearance Of Your Teeth?

Person is often judged by the first impression and that impression happens in first few seconds of initial contact. Based on that impression we shape our behavior toward individual we met. Many of us have similar issue – teeth. People avoid smiling because of major concern about what the other party will think about them when he or she noticed the wide gap between first two lower teeth.

In past we could not do much about it, but today, modern medicine has the means to improve our lives by correcting minor “errors” – teeth in particular. Dark yellow color, unequal length of the teeth, chip, under bites, overbites, or inter crossed teeth can cause psychological but also a physical issues. Psychological refers to person’s low self esteem and self respect, caused by the fear of environmental reaction. Physical issue refers to inability to chew normal which can lead into the series of severe medical conditions.

Both psychological and physical issues can be easily solved by going to cosmetic dentistry Chicago. The appearance of teeth, gums or bite can be improved with a little of dental work. Many people suffer from over-sized gums. This issue can be solved by the cosmetic procedure (dental) called Gum lift. Dentist is re-sculpting the gums to achieve better appearance. This procedure is also used where applicable to create the appearance of symmetrical teeth by reshaping the gum’s tissue and bones if necessary.

Your dentist can improve the look of your teeth or your gums by adding material in a form of bonding where enamel-like material that simulates the look of the real tooth is constructed on tooth’s surface and then shaped, hardened and polished to take same form and appearance like an actual tooth.

Furthermore, if you have color issues with your teeth or your gums, dentist can either bleach your teeth surface to make them whiter, or can use special techniques in order to change the pigmentation of gums so the gums would look more natural. Even so there are some over-the-counter products it is still most recommended to do these procedures under the supervision of the dentist.

Other procedure that is commonly used is reshaping of tooth where parts of tooth’s enamel is removed for it to take more natural shape or to fit between neighboring teeth. This can be applied in certain cases and can replace the need for dental braces. In the case of missing teeth, your dentist can fabricate dental bridge and correct some bite issues, improve your speech or reduce the risk of some potential gums disease. This procedure requires thorough oral hygiene but can lasts for more than 10 years.

Tooth that does not respond well on whitening process can be fixed by applying very thin porcelain laminates, bonded directly to the tooth. This supplement is called Veneers and can also be used to close the gaps between teeth.

So before you give up and retire from any kind social engagement, make the appointment with your favorite cosmetic dentistry Chicago.