How To Maintain A Relationship While Serving Overseas

Whether your loved one is in the military or they’re doing independent contractor work overseas, making a long distance relationship work can be difficult. Both parties need to learn how to exist independently in their current location, while maintaining love and commitment for one another apart. If both parties are willing participants, love can conquer all.

How To Maintain A Relationship While Serving Overseas

Use Technological Devices

The latest technological advances have made it easier for couples who are separated by distance to keep in touch and communicate. Good communication is key to keeping a relationship healthy. Skype, Facetime and other electronic gadgets and phone applications are ideal for seeing a loved one face to face, and they make visiting much more personable and intimate for a couple.

Consult a Life Coach

Long distance relationships can be a chore to navigate, and the help of a professional can get you through the most trying of times. A life coach is a knowledgeable professional who has experience in relationships and what it takes to keep them on track. They can begin by listening and surveying your wants, strengths and weaknesses in a relationship. If problems persist, a life coach can give you tips and exercises that will open the gates of communication and keep the love alive. They are with you every step of the way and can help you set small goals to achieve relationship success. A coach is also an individual who doesn’t take sides, and understands that it takes both parties to make things work. A life coach in Dubai can also can available for your overseas loved one.

Plan a Visit

Depending on the circumstances and where you may be located, you may want to start a travel fund. This can allow you the opportunity to meet somewhere in between your locations for a short visit if you’re both given time off. Oftentimes, military members are given a couple weeks leave per year for visiting, and independent contractors are given leave every 3-4 months for visiting purposes.

Send a Gift Package

Gifting your loved one with a care package can ignite your relationship. Include personal touches from home such as photos, favorite music and love notes. Sending something periodically will let them know that you’re thinking of them and counting the time until you’re together again. You can also include special items such as food and candy that signifies that you remember their likes and dislikes even though you’re apart.

Show Support

Nagging and complaining about being apart may add to the pain and hardship. Try appreciating the time that you have together and make the most out of it. Instead of fighting about being apart and how difficult it is to have a long distance relationship, you can do positive things that can bring you closer together. Be supportive in your conversations when apart and let them know that you have things covered back at home. If your loved one is in a dangerous setting, you want them to focus their attention on the task at hand and coming back to you safely.

Relationships are hard to master whether you’re together or far apart. How you handle things as a couple, show your support and deal with your time together can hold the key to your success. If you find yourselves floundering in a sea of doubt, enlisting the help of a life coach can help keep your romance alive.

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Mother to 4 and wife to a former soldier who did tours overseas, Lisa Coleman writes to encourage couples separated by distance that there are ways to support and share your love during their stressful time apart. She was able to find a life coach in Dubai online from Noomii(dot)com that was helpful to her husband was stationed overseas.