How to maintain optimal health with exercises

Why should I do exercise? Well, this question might arise in your mind if someone recommends you to do it. The first and foremost reason for doing exercises is to get a healthy and long life, keeping many diseases at bay. YES – it is very true. In fact, this is the silver bullet towards living a superior quality life.

Doing exercise helps in losing weight and reducing risk of a number of chronic and even fatal diseases. Here is a list of 5 impressive health benefits of doing physical activities on a daily basis.


1.Stroke – Studies have found that being physically active reduces the chance of having stroke. Moderately active people have at least 20% less chance of developing stroke than those who are less active.

 2.Heart diseases – Regular exercises strengthen cardiac muscles, lower blood pressure and enhance good or HDL cholesterol level and reduce the level of bad or LDL cholesterol. This, as a whole, helps in improving blood circulation throughout the body including heart and thus helps heart to function better. These benefits lower the peril of developing heart diseases, stroke and high blood pressure. Not the intensity, but the amount of exercise is important in order to make blood cholesterol level lower. Though more is always better but any physical activity is welcome.

 3.Diabetes type II – Today, over 17 million Americans are suffering from this chronic condition. Exercises can help losing weight and thus control and to some extent prevent it. As the body loses weight, the insulin sensitivity gets increased and so the blood sugar and cholesterol level also get improved. Losing weight also ensures controlled blood pressure. All of these are very important factors in regards to keep type II diabetes in control. Apart from exercise, even a brisk walk for at least half an hour reduces the chance of developing diabetes II by almost 35%.

 4.Obesity – The problem of overweight and thus obesity is an increasing one. But this condition can be significantly controlled and even cured with physical exercises along with balanced diet. Physical activities aka exercise helps in reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass and so improving body’s ability to burn more calories. The great combination of daily exercise and reduced calories is simply perfect for losing weight. Once you can control body weight, you can control many diseases. Lowering body mass index, also known as BMI, is the most effective way to reduce the risk of untimely death and ensure a healthier life for longer.

 5.Back pain – This is probably the most common of all conditions that millions of people throughout the globe are suffering from. The situation worsens without good night’s sleep. Be it insomnia, bed bugs, stress or any other reasons, if you can’t sleep well during night, you’re very likely to suffer from back pain. To get rid of this you can join fitness program that includes muscle stretching, flexibility and strengthening. Having proper posture and strong abdomen also play important role in getting relief from back pain.

When it comes of maintaining optimal health, there is no such hard-and-fast rule. But with regular physical exercise, you can ensure yourself keeping away from several chronic and severe diseases, stay healthier and live longer.

Anny Smith is a fitness blogger. She also writes on home improvement. Be it how to get rid of bed bugs to how to stay slim – she writes on a wide variety of topics.